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Chen Jie sighed: "When Lan Yi graduated from university, she just caught up with the famous one in the country. Originally, according to Lan Yi's grades, she could be assigned to a very good unit. But because of that year, almost all the graduates in the country were not left in the first-tier cities, but all of them were sent to the third-tier cities, or even below the third-tier cities. Of course, Lan Yi was among them.". Your ancestral family has been practicing medicine for generations, and it can be called the Xinglin family. Because of such a family, so Lan Yi may have a high heart since childhood. The top students of the National University of Traditional Chinese Medicine are going to show their strength, but they are sent to such a small place. How can Lan Yi be willing to try every means to come back? But not long ago, the above may be more strict. So Lan Yi has been working in that small city for four years. During this period, in order to return to Yangzhou, It is estimated that she has been harassed a lot, but what really made her hate those people who had nothing at the bottom and held power as soon as they turned over should be related to the fact that there was a leader's son pursuing her in that small town at that time. But I don't know the details. This is what I heard when your father advised her not to be too stiff with your grandfather's family, and the reason why she was too stiff with your grandfather's family. It is precisely because your grandfather's choice of partners for your aunt and your uncle is precisely the bottom of the family, for which she may have opposed several times, but it should be useless, because of this,ultrasonic welding transducer, so she cut off contact with your grandfather's family.. Wen Ru was shocked by these words. She only knew that her mother attached great importance to rules and etiquette and had high demands and hopes for herself, but she did not expect that her mother would reject people from the bottom of her heart. But what is the end of the year! She shook her head in disbelief and retorted, "Sister Chen, is there any misunderstanding?"? My mother may not be prejudiced against birth, but she has a problem with my grandfather's choice of uncle and aunt. Chen Jie looked at her eyes with a bit of love, do not want her to have a greater psychological burden, then slightly nodded and said: "It is also possible,ultrasonic spray nozzle, after all, I understand the situation is not comprehensive, but you had better be prepared, such as small, in fact.." She hesitated to speak and thought again and again before she opened her mouth and said softly, "Actually, you didn't realize that Aunt Lan wanted you to marry a family with the same family as yours." Wen Ru suddenly looked up at Chen Jie and sat there like a wooden chicken. After half a ring, he slowly came to his senses. He opened his mouth to say something impossible, but found that he seemed unable to say a word. She studied in a private aristocratic middle school, where there were many girls from families like her, but it seemed that no one really paid as much attention to etiquette as she did, even to the point of strictness, and no girl learned more than a dozen talents like her, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic generator driver, but only chose her favorite subjects to study.. A classmate once talked about her behind her back, saying that she was a young lady in a big family and a young grandmother in the same family. At that time, she thought it was a joke from others and didn't care, but at this time, it seemed that it was very in line with Chen Jie's words. She blinked her eyelashes slightly and quickly calmed down her expression. She looked at Sister Chen and said, "I will consider your suggestion. Thank you, Sister Chen. It's getting late. Let's go to bed early." Chen Jie looked at the girl sitting in the rocking chair with a gentle voice and sighed slightly in her heart. Aunt Lan really taught Xiao Ru so well that she could contraccompany me. I'll let you go home at night and accompany me during the day, OK?" Wen Ru thought about it. The main content of going home this time was to test her mother's attitude towards her love, as well as her views on a family like Jin Xin. It should not take too long. She nodded and agreed: "Well, then you must work and rest regularly. Otherwise, you will be sleepy during the day. How can I accompany you?" Jin Xin's voice was malicious. "Is it not good to be sleepy with me?" Wen Ru wished she could throw him a small fist across the phone. Listening to his improper tone,ultrasonic cutting machine, she pretended to be angry and said, "Then I won't go!"! Stop talking, I'm hanging up!

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