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"Well, I don't know how you've been hurt before to make you like this, but I know a king's way, that is, there is nothing in the world that makes people happier than living happily.". For the past, you can choose to forget, or you can choose to revenge, as long as you can make yourself happy, there is nothing you can't do. From today on, you are you, and you can't let anyone deprive you of the right to be happy! Before you recover from your injury, you will be protected by me, and someone will bully me, and I promise to stand up for you. After you recover, you choose to go or stay. If you have no place to go, you will continue to mix with me. If you have a place to go, don't waste my food. Do you understand? Nod Damn it! Cool! I thought they beat you silly! When I woke up, I was like this. Ha-ha I laughed so hard that I covered my stomach, but I still rolled my eyes, drooled and pretended to be retarded, vividly demonstrating my worries. His shoulders trembled, and there was no more reaction. He should have laughed, right? "I give you a temporary name, Ann, with my wisdom to accommodate all rivers, can not balance your name?"? That one I want to spend the night and tell you tomorrow. All right, all right, I'm thinking now,silk cherry blossom tree, um.. Uh Got it! You just call it Chao, okay? Morning, the beginning of the day, the most beautiful morning, let your life start again, in the new day, everything is up to you. Ok Nod Ha ha ha ha. In the morning, you are happy to go, I tell you a secret, I have two names, both of his bloody grandmother to let people spit food! Every time I think of it,large ficus tree, I have to strangle the person who named me, and I have the impulse to hit the wall. I tell you one today, you don't need to remember, you just need to experience it. My surname is Sen, but my first name is Yin! Shake your shoulders twice. Hey, you have to be pure, oh, my surname is Miki Mori, but it's not a word, but it's really a word. Forget it. I'm already very grateful to someone who gave me a name. He didn't call me a dirty word. It's really a spirit of heaven, a spirit of earth, my spirit, his spirit. It's too ***ing scary! I don't know how I can be so free with the person I met for the first time. Maybe it's the shallow consciousness that makes me feel that he is very reliable. In the following days, I still pestered my father, and complained to him from time to time. The days passed quickly, and a month passed. As soon as I kicked open the door, I immediately dislocated my chin and was silly on the spot. It was not easy for me to recover to normal operation by artificial means. I sucked my saliva and leaned into the handsome man in a black suit. I raised my neck and looked at his deep facial features, thick eyebrows, eagle eyes, fake blossom tree ,silk ficus tree, handsome nose peak, thin lips, super sexy bronzed skin, inverted triangle figure with a model, slender and straight long legs. It's really the best attack in the legend! God, I'm going to faint! He is so beautiful, that is the true beauty of a man! Before I fainted, I other never speaks; one is a stunning iceberg snow lotus,outdoor ficus tree, the other is introverted, deep and sexy; very interesting people, isn't it. hacartificialtree.com

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