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The cold wind and hurricane blew through the ice pool, and in the darkness, I don't know how many demons and ghosts were listening to his curse. Then the couple threw themselves into the darkness, which was thicker than poisonous blood, and into the group of demons. Ding Peng has been listening quietly, looking so serene and calm. Hsieh Hsiao-yu suddenly rushed over, took him by the hand, and said, "You mustn't listen to their lies." Her hands were cold, but her voice was as gentle as spring water. "Don't believe a word of this nonsense." Ding Peng was silent. After a long time, he said slowly, "Sometimes lies are very clever!" Xie Xiaoyu's hands were even colder, shivering with cold. Ding Peng looked at her with a sudden smile and said, "But I don't believe a word they say, because what they say is not lies. They are people, not ghosts." Xie Xiaoyu also smiled. Her voice is more gentle: "Even if they are really ghosts, I believe you will not be afraid of them.". I believe that there is nothing in heaven or on earth that can make you afraid. Is there anything in the world more attractive to a man than the praise of a 16-year-old girl for her hero? And this man happens to be the hero she praises. Is there anything in the world that makes a man more proud than the wholehearted trust of an innocent girl? And she is a beautiful girl. But Ding Peng was not intoxicated by these. Although he is a man, he is different from the vulgar. He has a "fox wife" Qingqing, who looks as beautiful and innocent as Xie Xiaoyu. The innocent trust and silent praise in Qingqing's eyes are far more than Xie Xiaoyu's words. Not only had he seen a lot of it, but he seemed to be a little tired of it. Besides, he has a secret pain in his heart. That's Liu Ruosong's wife. The woman with the name of ridiculous, the mean bitch! It was also with the innocence of this innocent girl that he deceived him and damaged his noble sentiment. Therefore, his smile suddenly froze from his face and his voice froze. He coldly scattered Xie Xiaoyu's hand and said coldly, "Are you really Xie Xiaofeng's daughter?" Xie Xiaoyu looked at him in surprise,artificial grass panels, not knowing what made the man become indifferent. She could only answer in fear: "Yes " Yes Ding Peng is more cold tunnel: "But others say Xie Xiaofeng does not have a daughter." Hsieh Hsiao-yu laughed and said, "My father's actions are rarely known, and even fewer people go to Shenjian Villa. How can anyone else know?" Ding Peng said with a sneer, "The world-famous third young master of the Hsieh family naturally disdains to associate with the common people." Hsieh Hsiao-yu suddenly understood and said with a smile, "Are you angry because my father didn't accept your invitation?" "I dare not.". I just sent him a post by the way, and I didn't think he would really come. "You have to forgive him for that," said Hsieh Hsiao-yu. "For many years, my father has declined entertainment. He has even avoided seeing his old friend for many years." With an innocent smile on her face, she said, "But he didn't forbid me to come. He also asked Shang Zhen and Tian Yifei to protect me. It shows that he still respects you very much!" Ding Peng sneers: "He should respect, because the person that he sends out to protect you not only did not protect you, caused trouble instead.". It was I, artificial coconut palm trees ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, the man he despised, who saved his daughter from the hands of Tieyan Shuangfei, who ll the people pale, because the tone was too crazy. Xie Xiaofeng has few friends in his life,artificial banyan trees, or even no friends, not only because he is a man of few friends, but also because he is the best swordsman in the world. hacartificialtree.com

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