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At this moment, his cheeks were pale, his whole body was soaked with blood and cold sweat, and his chest was pierced by the sword of a strong king, which made him suffer great trauma. The sword was so terrible that it was full of the power of Wang Jing. Even though Lin Xun had avoided the vital point, he was still badly hurt. Is it true that I haven't killed enough. At this moment, Lin Xun's black eyes became extremely cold, and the sharp pain on his body could not replace the burning anger in his heart. Hate! Indelible hate! Just that moment encountered the crisis of life and death, so that Lin Xun was completely enraged, four Wang Jing together, in order to deal with him! Do you really think you are easy to cheat? Lin Xun clenched his fist quietly, and the veins on the back of his hand burst! Or do you really think that if you have a strong man in the royal realm to rely on, you can regard yourself as a chopping block fish that can be slaughtered at will? Outside the city gate, smoke and dust filled the air. The four kings' faces were gloomy and their eyes were cold. They stared at Lin Xun inside the city gate. The other ascetics were stunned. No one would have thought that in such a desperate situation, Lin Xun could still get out of trouble! But that is four just promoted to the existence of the king, together, enough to easily kill any of the top Tianjiao. But now, still let Lin Demon God escape. It seems so incredible, it's unbelievable. He escaped unexpectedly. What a shame. Wu yuanzhen murmured. His face was livid and he wanted to rush into the city, but in the end he held back. The ancient city of burning immortals naturally has a heavy ban to suppress the king's territory. If you dare to trespass, you will be eaten back by the ban. It can only be said that this son is too treacherous, if not for the friend of the Nightmare Tengu clan who saw through his identity, how could he seize the opportunity to enter the city? Shang Chong of the Sea Soul Clan has a full head of green hair flying, and his expression is equally gloomy and incomparable. He has been hurt by my sword, even if he escapes into the city,smartboards in classrooms, he will die! Xuandu Daomen's Miaocen gritted his teeth and shot cold awn in his eyes. He wanted to choose someone to bite. Originally, she was the most hopeful to kill Lin Xun, but did not expect, the other side is not only ruthless to the enemy, more ruthless to themselves, do not avoid, fight for serious injuries to win a chance of survival. Until now, she did not understand, before the split in their own yuan Shen hit,electronic board for classroom, whether from Lin Xun, or from others. If not, even if Lin Xun desperately, she is absolutely sure to kill it! Hearing her words, Wang Yuntong, the heir of the worship of the moon on one side, suddenly let out a long roar. Ladies and gentlemen, Lin Demon God has appeared and has been seriously injured by us. He is on the verge of death. At this moment, he is in the city gate. It is the best time to kill him. Why don't you act? The roaring sound, like thunder, stirred between heaven and earth, and even spread over the entire ancient city of burning immortals, causing a shock in all directions. All of a sudden, the distribution in the city of all forces, I do not know how many strong stopped the hands of the action, have rushed out. With this reminder, Wu yuanzhen, digital touch screen board ,interactive boards for classrooms, Miao Cen, Shang Chong and others also drink, convey the message, tell their clan forces, take this opportunity to encircle and suppress Lin Xun! A forest demon God at its peak may be enough to frighten any monk in the city. But at this time of Lin Demon God, has been seriously injured and dying, can be sa his inin a short time. Lin Daoyou, do you need help? Suddenly, a group of monks rushed up from behind, their eyes flashing. Of course, you need to find Jinwu Yimai, Black Nightmare Tengu Clan, Xuandu Daomen and Haihun Clan to help me avenge them. Lin Xun did not look back,75 inch smart board, and his voice was cold. The monks' looks changed, but their speed was still not slow, and they were in hot pursuit.

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