Mortal Cultivation of Immortals and Immortal Realm Chapter Professional

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In order to solve this problem before Han Li came here he had already gone to the southern end of the ancient cloud continent and opened up a cave on the edge of a hidden sea cliff near the thunderstorm ocean Inside the cave he laid a stable mine array that could be teleported from a very long distance with nine pieces of thunder wood and made a spirit mark there Later as long as he is near the ancient cloud continent when he uses the mine array to transmit he can instantly transmit there by contacting the soul with the soul mark on the mine array If Gujie really pursues him here he can also transport there at the fastest speed and then escape into the thunderstorm ocean so there is a great chance that he can escape Gujie's pursuit However because this thunder array has been open for a long time it will consume the power of thunder and lightning in the thunder wood all the time It can only support less than a hundred years at most and it will lose its function completely because of the exhaustion of the power of thunder and lightning Take things as they come Let's deal with the matter at hand first Han Li muttered to himself patted his hands on the white jade railing and turned to walk toward the cave house on the other side of the square Back in the secret room of the mansion Han Li sat down cross-legged his palms turned over and two more thin yellow pages appeared in his palms and he looked at them carefully The records on these two pages are not other things but the prescriptions of Tongyuan Dan and Chunlin Dan At present if Han Li wants to improve his strength and cultivation as soon as possible he must refine a large number of terraces and elixirs to assist in cultivation Now as far as Tongyuan Dan is concerned he has quite some refining Office & School Supplies experience and the success rate is much higher than before Although Chunlin Dan has not been refined yet with the help of Zhenyan Baolun I believe it is not very difficult At present he does not lack the elixir to refine these two elixirs but for long-term planning he has just arrived here or most of the seeds of the elixir are planted in the private elixir garden in Dongfu He knew in his heart that although he already had two teasured as life by the alchemists His eyes swept over the dense lines on the purple box his wrist shook and in front of him there were more than a dozen small black flags of the size of an inch The flag body was black the material was like iron and there were many complex and inexplicable dark lines engraved on it Han Li picked up these iron flags China Factory inserted them into the stone floor in front of him one by one according to the shape of a circle then raised a finger gently embedded them in the ground and carved them backed eye were shining brightly and they were about to launch a self-destructive force to completely smash the whole jade box and its contents This jade box has two layers of light and shade If only the silver runes on the surface are eliminated the hidden runes inside will be launched which will also cause irreparable consequences At this critical moment Han Li silently recited the formula of the Zhenyan Baolun Sutra in his mouth and his whole body was full of golden light A golden round wheel about the Packaging & Printing size of a foot suddenly emerged behind him and slowly turned As his mind turned the wheel of truth rotated rapidly and countless golden ripples spread out and spread around covering the surrounding area of ten feet in an instant Inside the Chamber of Secrets everything suddenly slowed down except Han Li himself The rune light in the purple jade box looked like it had been on for a long time becbang" came from the box body which turned out to be its own opening Han Li put the wheel of truth into his body reached out and grabbed it and the purple jade box flew up in the air and landed in his palm Outside the whole chamber of secrets he had already arranged a layer of high forbidden law array but he was not worried that there were any unknown means in the jade box that would expose his present position

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