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Sure enough, as they said, before long, a large number of people poured into the live studio. Make a wish to let the little phoenix watch, regardless of the side, but as long as it involves personal attacks, it will all be shielded. As soon as the little phoenix makes a move, he knows whether there is or not. The screen is full of exclamations, praises, rewards and sour words. Those who don't know think how popular these two people are, how high they are, and there is no sunspot. Actually, there are, but they were all strangled at the beginning. You can't hit them with any words. Do you think you can't hit them just in the live studio? Wrong, is to use their computers, mobile phones, or as long as these accounts, in any platform can not be sent out! This is not a normal means? Hacker or otherwise, that means they're being targeted. When they wantonly hack others on the Internet, they never dare to think about what it would be like if one day they were also scolded on the Internet. As soon as the little phoenix made this move, it directly scared off 99% of these people. The rest is a master of network technology,65 inch touch screen, want to crack, want to counterattack. Unfortunately, it will never succeed. As for those who reward or want to attract the attention of the anchor. The special effects are all off. Unless it's really important, the little phoenix will send it to her alone. Qin Hui can't see the public screen in the live broadcast room, and he never pays much attention to it. Communication with the audience is not much, very casual is to open the live broadcast room, the audience love to come, do not love to go. Insulting words will never come out in this live studio. You can either shut up or follow the crowd and say something that doesn't hurt. What's the point of that? So,smart board whiteboard, the two greeted the audience, directly ignoring all kinds of questions from the audience, such as whether the little brother is the legendary person, whether the little brother is the guest of this issue or the resident in the future, what is the relationship between the little brother and the little sister.. Ignore it all. Two people are talking about where to go. The usual time for making a wish is divided into three parts, which is very simple. I don't have much time today, so I can't do anything else. Can do daily really do not need to pull Qin Hui to act together, he himself is not very fun to the game, will come up to play the game, simply to accompany her. Let's go to Yanlai Valley. After making a wish, he thought about it and said, "The scenery there is good. There are herbs and strange things.". At that time, I will collect herbs, you brush strange, and enjoy the scenery in leisure time. The two men chose a place and rode out of the city. Yanlai Valley is far away from the city, interactive panel board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, and it is a reed marshland. It was full of marshland and some very hidden ponds. It is said that some players once went to explore the reed marshes, but they went in for ten minutes and went directly back to the stage. Although it is actually very dangerous, it is really beautiful here. From a distance, a vast expanse of whiteness, ups and downs with the windut loud with a "poof" sound. In so many worlds,smartboards for business, she had never seen him like this, and she couldn't stop laughing. On the public screen, there are also a series of strange laughs. [Didn't think the true God was such a true God.] [I didn't think I really had something I couldn't shake out.]

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