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Cessa stepped back. Bella stepped forward and took out a cross.  Bella had gone out, and now she was back, holding a white rooster, and the rooster was still alive, struggling to be free. She knelt on the ground with white chalk, drew some symbols around the charcoal basin and the copper basin, and then put the cock's mouth on the white line beside the copper basin, so the cock did not move. She continued to draw some symbols on the ground,warehouse pallet racks, singing something in a rough and deep voice as she drew. I could not understand the words she was singing, but it was obvious that she was showing a kind of obscene ecstasy. Sessa looked at me and said, "You don't like these, do you?"? But these are old rituals. You know, really, really old. It's a death spell caused by an old secret recipe passed down from mother to daughter from generation to generation. I didn't quite understand what Sessa meant, but she didn't emphasize it further, because Bella's rather terrible performance might have achieved the effect she wanted. She clearly intended to play the role of expositor. Bella reached into the charcoal basin. A flickering flame rose from the basin. She threw something on the fire, and the room was filled with a thick, cloying fragrance. We're ready. Said Sessa. I think the surgeon is going to pick up his scalpel.. She walked up to what I thought was a record player stand, and when I opened it, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, I saw that it was a large complex electrical device. The appliance moved like a tram, and she pushed it slowly and carefully to the side of the couch. She leaned over to adjust the controller and muttered to herself, "Compass, North, West.." Degree. Ok She picked up the gloves, put them in a special position, and turned on a small purple light next to them.   Bella ran over and held the basin out in front of her. She screamed: "Blood.." Blood. Blood! Sessa swept the glove off the machine and dropped it on the ground. Bella picked it up, dipped it in blood, and returned it to Sessa, who put it back on the big box. Bella's shrill cry of excitement rang out again. "Blood.." Blood. Blood! She ran round and round the charcoal basin, then fell convulsively to the ground. The fire in the charcoal basin flashed and then went out. I felt very uncomfortable,Teardrop Pallet Racking, I couldn't see anything, I grabbed the armrest of the chair, and my whole head seemed to be spinning. I heard a click and the low hum of the machine stopped. jracking.com

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