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Xia Feng stared at these contents, each of which undoubtedly increased the difficulty of the game, and absolutely approached a world of real life, so that everything would be mixed with life, whose number of deaths was still out of the safety zone when there was one left? This time is not a high price to buy additional amulet ah? Xia Feng smiled, so it won't take long for him to start a national war with the small island country of Japan. At the beginning, Xia Feng clearly remembered in many large-scale online games that as long as it was a national war, the first spearhead of Huaxia District was the small island country of Japan. Not to mention anything else, this bird country often says how powerful it is, which makes many people feel helpless. It is not entirely true to say that this small Dongying island country has no advantages at all. The island country has brought economic benefits to the global yellow industry. It can be said that this small Dongying island country accounts for one percent of the world's population, but its output accounts for 90% of the world's total. This makes the world a little shocked, some people will say, oh, the original small Japan is not good for nothing ah, there are such achievements. Said, when the little Japanese famous several celebrities still let China talk, the death of Muto l really do not know how to return a responsibility, how did she die in the end? This is a question worth pondering, shooting more than 300 films a year, but everyone knows how to die. With a slight smile, Xia Feng turned off the computer. It's still time to worry about Dongying. At present, it's still time to find a way to unify the Huaxia area. And half a year later, the tournament will begin to prepare. With a smile, Xia Feng sat directly on the bed and began to run Yuhuang Jue. Before he knew it, it was already eight o'clock in the evening. Xia Feng opened his eyes slightly,micro gear motor, and a trace of heat flew out of his forehead, which made him a little strange. Then he shook his head and smiled bitterly, but still could not break through the bottleneck. Think of this summer wind suddenly remembered, today's real world update, I should go in and have a look, at least to see this list? Chapter 188 Xigong Xianchi. Chapter 188 Xigong Xianchi. Xia Feng's first reaction to landing the game is to open the leaderboard. A scene that surprised Xia Feng finally appeared. As expected, there was no national area in the ranking list. Now the whole ranking list is full of players from all over the world. It seems that the real world will enter the national war early. Ranking the world First place: Level 47: Beautiful Country Second place: Level 46: Yingliguo Third place: Level 45: Dong Ying Guo Fourth place: Level 43: Langguo, India. 5th place: Level 43: Korean Empire 6th place: Level 42: China 7th place: Level 41: Dong Ying Guo 8th place: Level 41: China 9th place: Level 41: Beautiful Country 10th place: Level 41: Screw Country This ranking list makes Xia Feng a little speechless, not to mention how the first guy upgraded, his current level is the highest in the whole of China, but only the sixth here, which makes Xia Feng a little depressed, 24v Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but fortunately it is the ranking list, the rest of the country absolutely can not relax ah, and even the ranking list Xia Feng is ready to win in one fell swoop. Otherwise, it's too embarrassing. Thinking of this, Xia Feng did not think much about it and looked directly at another equipment ranking list. The world's equipment rankings No.1: Storage Ring: Artifact: China Second place: Dog God Gloves: Artifact: Beautiful Country Third place: Yinpanluo: Artifact: Dongying Kingdom No.4: Summoning Beast Card: Artifact: East Asian Island No.5: Hades Bow: Immortal Ware: China No.6: Luo Po Zhu: Immortal: Dong Ying Guo No.7: Kunluo Painting Halberd: Fairy Waret, so now there are not many people on the line, Xia Feng almost did not see a large training team directly into the interior of the Sun and Moon Lake. If you want to find this rattan algae, you can only find it inside the Sun and Moon Lake, but the summer wind is very strange now. Because of the scarcity of players, Xia Feng flew early with bone wings, and until high altitude,Low Rpm Electric Motor, in order to avoid players to see Xia Feng fly very fast, also fly very fast, so the following players generally do not look up.

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