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In the end, the exercise came to nothing. After Yinglingwei Palace gave Young Hill a doll, he asked Young Hill to take him to play first. He wanted to teach these heroes who didn't know anything well. Young Jill, of course, agreed with a smile, and led the well-behaved white-haired child to his room. Even King Gilgamesh, who had become smaller, was still Gilgamesh, and he quickly judged that the young Hilgner was the Hilgner of Uruk I, with his words left and right. But at such a young age, of course, he had never heard the name of Gilgamesh, who was younger than him, which also meant. At this time, Hilgner had no memory of meeting these heroes at all. So when Young Hill asked about his relationship with them, Young Gill lied without blinking, briefly put the other spirits on the relationship of "friend, student,Jumping castle with slide, disciple" and so on, and then solemnly said to the white-haired child: "And our future relationship is husband and wife!" There was no sound, but Young Hill's suddenly wide blue eyes were full of questions. He was very sure that the blonde child who looked cute enough to see the handsome future was a man like himself, so how could they be husband and wife in the future? Young Jill made an emotional'engagement 'for them from their parents, and they lived together, sharing the same bed, the same table and food. Young Hill bit his lip and did not show that he believed young Jill's words,Inflatable indoor park, but silently watched young Jill talk about how they met and how they knew and loved each other. Then, after Osman Diaz was ready to pick himself up from Young Gil and begin his care, Young Hill cleverly rubbed his cheek against the brown man who was powerful but very careful to hold him, and asked the same question. Can you tell me what relationship I have with you in the future? Then Young Hill heard the same answer as Young Gill, except that the relationship of "friend, student, disciple" was on the head of others, and Young Gill, who said that they would be husband and wife in the future, was named a "younger brother with a general relationship". As for Yu and you. But close enough to share a bed and food on a table. The Pharaoh, of course, saw that the young hill had no memory of them. Although what he said was somewhat ambiguous, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable water park on lake, Osman Diaz was not wrong. They had been close friends, and now that they met again in Chaldea, they would be even more so. Young Hill frowned and noticed something was wrong. As Osman Diaz spoke in a magnetic and nostalgic voice about their first encounter and how they knew each other, the sense of deja vu made him begin to have a terrible guess in his heart. The future of me.. How many partners do you have? Young Hill did not have any memories of them, but he was not stupid, and from these words and the manhot sand beast of the stars, Garna politely knocked on his glorious temple don't ask where Garna was knocking and politely said,Inflatable water obstacle course, "Pharaoh, I've come to pick up Hill." The tone of course was as if he had fostered young Hill here in Osman Diaz, and Garna had come to welcome him back. joyshineinflatables.com

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