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" Dao Xiu, the most ancient Jinniu Road starts from Meixian County, Shaanxi Province, enters Hanzhong through Xiegu and Baogu Trestle Road, then goes west to Mianxian County and enters through Yangping Pass. Sichuan, Qingchuan, Jiange, Zitong, Mianyang and Chengdu. Now Hanzhong into Shu a section has been changed by Ning Qiang Yue Qipanguan, is. Brother Xu stopped to admire this dangerous path as if he were going to ascend to immortality. Hou Xibai stepped forward and drew the distance between them closer to eight feet. The beauty fan was still shaking and sending out. "Ho!"! Ho! The sound of the wind, to the fan of Xu Ziling's side, is a moving painting showing her ethereal and unpredictable nature. Like. In one corner, there is a famous prostitute,aluminium coated steel tube, Shang Xiufang, who has all kinds of amorous feelings and charm. Xu Ziling stood with his hands on his back. Seeing that Hou Xibai did not answer, he continued, "It seems that Brother Hou is not willing to answer this question.". Little brother suddenly gave birth to a strange Think, suppose one of us is suddenly honored as an immortal, and no one in Jianghu will know. Hou Xibai couldn't help laughing and said, "Brother Xu's idea is very interesting.". I only hate that there is no door in the fairy world, and I won't open it for others casually,precision welded tubes, brother Xu I'm afraid my dreams will come to nothing! Xu Ziling smiled at the corners of his mouth and said calmly, "Is there a door in the fairy world or is there no door, or even is there a fairy?" The world or the next life, the younger brother has never had any imagination or expectation, so how can a good dream become empty. Even to life and death, Xu Mou Everyone is very indifferent. Brother Hou, are you interested in trying? Hou Xibai finally turned pale, his eyes lit up sharply, and the rhythm of the fan became more complicated, but it was still not disorderly at all. Listen to is Xu Ziling, for the next level of the master, I'm afraid I can't help but preempt. * * * Kou Zhong lay on his back on the bed, but he couldn't sleep. He looked straight at the top of the cabin, and his thoughts rose and fell. He was thinking about his relationship with Du Fuwei. Du Fuwei can be said to be the first person to look up to himself, thinking that he is qualified to inherit his family and career, but he is. For various reasons, Precision steel tubes ,side impact door beams, he refused his kindness. At that time, he was willing to let Kou Zhong leave Liyang, which showed his extraordinary mind and spirit, revealing sincere feelings that did not conform to his style. Kou Zhong's reward was to keep Jingling for ten days and ten nights, so that Du Fuwei could only win miserably. Today he is going to destroy Du Fuwei's plan to attack Jiangdu, which makes people sad and helpless. His favorite general, Chen Sheng, was a complete stranger to Kou Zhong. There is no grievance in the past, and there is no enmity in recent days. But tonight, he. Do everything possible to put him to death, so as to arouse Du Fuwei's anger, all in order to contend for hegemony in the world. So by hook or by crook, nothing. What not to do. Fighting for the world is exactly the same thing. Alas! However, if the same thing happened again, he would still refuse Du Fuwei's good intentions and proposals. The real reason is that Du Fuwei is too unpopular, and he does not want to get things done because of people. Thinking of this, Kou Zhong jumped out of bed and ordered his men waiting outside the door to summon Chen Changlin and Bu Tianzhi to come for a discussion. * * * Xu Ziling gave birth to an induction, and suddenly turned the tiger's body into Hou Xi, whose face was eight feet higher than his, standing on the plank road. White. Eyes on each other, two p the negative hand, proudly stand, eyes staring at each other, momentum is constantly accumulating expansion, put out at any time to let go. A defiant stance. Hou Xibai is still that pair of free and easy appearance,beam impact tubes, but it is standing like a mountain, giving birth to a cold air, distant restraint. The opponent has the spirit of sweeping the world. 

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