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 Nonsense,38 tube fitting, he waited, he was waiting for me to change my mind! Jia Lan said in a harsh voice, "It's all because of you people who have nothing to do with each other, who gossip and gossip.". In fact, when two people are together, they have nothing to do with others. It's irrelevant,stainless steel tube fitting, but Hawking. He did.. There are a lot of women. Lu Shanyin's voice was getting lower and lower, as if he didn't want to tell the truth too cruelly. Jia Lan sneered, "That's it again, that's it again!"! A lot of women, but only one wedding. Hawking, he promised to give me the only wedding gift of the apocalypse. How can you expect that we can't grow old together? It's ridiculous that all of them are sanctimonious and self-righteous to point out other people's lives. Lu Lu Shan Yin was at a loss for words for a moment, and Galan's words were in line with the point of view in his heart, which made him unable to refute. The hand that Lu Lu Shan Yin stretched out slumped down, and it seemed that another way was needed to stop this Galan's behavior. Galan continued to walk forward trembling on the pontoon bridge, whispering all the way: "I'm back, I'm coming back.". It would be nice to never leave again. Just as she reached the end of the pontoon bridge to open the door, the bridge board suddenly pulled back and disappeared. In a panic, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,tube fitting manufacturer, Galan grabbed the door edge of the birdcage room with her hand, hanging in the air, and the swaddling clothes that had been in her hands fell into the round hole. Child With a scream, Galan's suspended body struggled and wriggled, frantically searching around for traces of swaddling clothes. Don't move. Lu Lu Shan Yin found that the flesh on the arm of Jia Lan holding the edge of the door began to open, and pieces of carrion broke away from the bones and fell down. The struggling Galan seemed to realize this and slowly quieted down, but the tissues of his arms were still disintegrating, and even the bones were creaking, as if they were about to break. Jia Lan turned his head, reluctantly facing the hidden mountain, showing a wry smile: "Finally." Still Unable Then he let go of his hands and fell to pieces on the metal damper under the round hole. Lu Lu Shan Yin saw all this and stood there for a long time, unable to speak. After a while, he wiped his face with his hand and said a dirty word: "@ # ." Lord Pirate knew very well in his heart that this old version of Galan was not his real mentor. But to see her such a tragic death, Shan Yin's heart has an indescribable depression Fan Jianyan turned over and sat on one side of the ground, picked up the crystal skull, and looked at the hidden mountain: "Where on earth have you been?"? It disappeared in a twinkling. "It's a long story." "What about you?" Lulu Shanyin kept him in suspense. To make a long story short, I went into a room and found someone inside before I could get anything. So I chased the guy into the other room, and I found this. Xiao Fan pointed to the crystal skull. Someone is here? What kind of person is it? Lu Lu Shan Yin felt that he had not seen the cub when he was chasing the duplicate version of Galan. I didn't see it clearly,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, but I knew I was wearing white clothes. Fan Jianyan got up and patted his robe. Lu Shanyin looked at Xiao Fan's white robe and felt a slight movement in his heart: "Did you enter a room with a huge damper inside?" "Yes, there is a small house like a birdcage hanging in the air, and there is nothing in it." "Did you go in and see it?" Lu Lu Shan Yin asked. 

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