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The panic in my heart is getting stronger and stronger! Zhang Yue felt that if he didn't go, something he would regret would happen in the next moment! At the foot of the nine steps against God, crazy step out, one step is across countless miles, folding the space, crazy forward. The ghostly speed and the panic in his heart prompted Zhang Yue to move forward without reservation. Leaving smoke billowing along the way. One day, Warcraft, who did not know the depth of heaven and earth, was directly smashed in the head by Zhang Yue's fist, and the corpse jumped to the ground. Zhang Yue's figure is more rapid. In a basin ahead, there were endless sounds of fighting and coquetry. Make Zhang Yue incomparably familiar, that is the voice of Xiner and Yan Linlu! Boom.. When you step on it, the ground cracks in an instant. Zhang Yue's figure is like a shell rushing out of the chamber. Boom! It fell straight into the basin. Looking at everything in front of him, suddenly, Zhang Yue's eyes were about to crack. Yan Linlu lost her right arm, leaving only one left arm. With the compassion of Vulcan in hand, the powerful elements of fire are rapidly converging,naringenin price, and the fire phoenix composed of fire energy in the sky is rotating! And Xiner has a big hole in her right chest! The red blood sprayed out as if it didn't need money. Zhang Yue felt his soul trembling in an instant, his whole body was boiling with blood, and his majestic anger burst out brazenly. Roar.. Crush an old man with one punch. Solved the crisis of Xiner. At this time, Zhang Yue observed the enemy on the field. No less than dozens of people. And by nine dragons. Flapping his wings. The huge dragon's eyes stared closely at Zhang Yue. On the other side, the leaders were more than a dozen white-haired old men. Look at the dress on his body, impressively embroidered with the two big characters of the East. The Oriental Family. "Hum,stesweet stevia, I didn't expect the Oriental Family to cooperate with this group of reptiles. It's really a big slip in the world!" Zhang Yue's cold voice directly stimuhis heart and hurriedly jumped forward. But it was Yan Linlu's red blood that spurted all over her face. Nope The monstrous voice turned into an unwilling one. The phoenix dance turns nine times into nothingness! There was a soft sigh. Yan Linlu's body spurted more blood in an instant. Zhang Yue's heart is as painful as a needle prick, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,ghana seed extract, as if there is a precious and incomparable thing broken in his heart, and as if his soul has been torn apart. No more promotion, please. "The trembling voice came, Zhang Yue roared, but he could not stop it, because the Phoenix Dance Nine Heavens, once performed, never died.". Yan Linlu eyes a flash of happiness, "dying to see you for the last time, I am satisfied, at least, you also admitted me, phoenix dance nine days, as long as the display, there is no turning back!"! Don't blame me! The soft voice was like a bunch of sweet little lovers wh The fire phoenix shrinks sharply under the efforts of all people. Just when the faces of the strong people in the Holy Land showed a relaxed look. Yan Lin showed a flash of sarcasm at the corners of her mouth, and her pale little mouth read a word in a low voice, "explode!" "Boom." There was a huge explosion,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and a mushroom cloud rose in an instant. A huge ripple of energy rippled out. Zhang Yue, who saw that something was wrong, hugged the tottering Xiner and Yan Linlu in an instant and jumped out in an instant. Ripples of energy behind the fast follower. Zhang Yue can feel the invisible threat behind it. It was enough energy flow to break his zombie body defense. Zhang Yue was in a hurry and had a meal at his feet. Suddenly he lay down. She pressed Yan Linlu and Xiner under her body. The majestic ripples of energy rippled away in an instant. Poof!! Zhang Yue spurted out a mouthful of blood. Powerful energy ripples directly broke the defense of Zhang Yue's corpse king. Waiting for the ripples of energy to disappear. 

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