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Fang Han was taken aback, because he found that the domed egg he got from the throne of the Seven Leaf Demon King was exactly the same as this domed egg. "Tiandao Pavilion Treasure Selling Conference, the first auction of treasures, are all good things, I do not know what is under the brocade?" The masked woman in red is guessing the novel-txt heaven Chapter 221 Kunpeng Dome. The first treasure is the highlight of the general "selling treasure meeting", and the last treasure is also the highlight to get off to a good start, because it is the grand finale. Now the "Tiandao Pavilion" of the treasure selling conference, the opening of the first treasure is covered with a treasure-level brocade of a domed egg, I do not know how many people's attention, of course, the most surprising person is Fang Han, because he also has the same domed egg, even "Yan" such an antique can not recognize what in the end is the egg of an ancient mythical beast However, even Yan was shocked by the vitality contained in the domed egg. Now on Fang Han's domed egg, there are dense magic spells, which are not left by the "Seven Leaf Demon King",turmeric extract powder, but seem to be the magic master using spells to hatch the domed egg, making the domed egg constantly absorb all kinds of energy in the void. "What on earth is this big egg?" Although Fang Han had no intention of buying the domed egg, he was also very curious not only about him, but also about the little golden elixir giant "Lianyun Fairy" who was also in the VIP room. He opened his eyes wide to see how the people of "Tiandao Pavilion" explained it. Sure enough, after a while, a very strong red light fell on the central auction platform,jujube seed powder, showing a monk in a red robe, with a tall figure, nine feet tall, strong red hands, and a master of golden elixir. "Red Hand Fairy?"? When did you join Tiandao Pavilion? The masked woman in red muttered to herself. Before that, the seven-fold golden elixir master with the magical power of the red palm of the big red robe was a famous and fierce casual practitioner in the monastic world. A person practiced to get a chance to meet a fairy. After hundreds of years, he actually practiced to become a golden elixir. He has always been a loner, but now he has joined the Tiandao Pavilion. Fang Han also recalled that among some famous casual practitioners recorded in the World, it seems that there is a golden elix practiced by this person. Contains more than twenty magical powers. "All Worlds" was written almost 60 years ago, and it can be seen that this "Red Hand Fairy" was a powerful figure years before he became famous. "Ladies and gentlemen, today is the most grand annual treasure selling meeting of Tiandao Pavilion. It is rare for you to come to join us. The first treasure we are going to sell today is the egg of an ancient strange beast." As he spoke, turmeric extract powder ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, the "Red Hand Fairy" grabbed the treasure-level brocade and lifted it mercilessly, and the giant egg appeared. Suddenly, an amazing vitality, suddenly burst out, Fang Han only felt the spirit of a huge Archaic beast, mercilessly oppressed toward their own, pointing to the sky and stepping on the earth, there is a completely unable to contend with the idea, giant was in urgent need of a treasure of my Tiandao Pavilion." So I traded this domed egg for this domed egg. Although it could not be hatched, it was an excellent material for refining some ancient elixirs or constructing the core of magic weapons. "The Red Hand Fairy spoke with fervor and assurance." As soon as Fang Han's heart moved,akba boswellic acid, he knew that it was possible that his Kunpeng domed egg was also one of the three. "The price of this Kunpeng Dome is 30 million pieces of Baiyang Dan, plus 1 million pieces for each bid," said the Red Hand Fairy. 

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