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Let me see what surprises you have for me." The seventh chapter is the strength of recognition. "Oh!"! Look at that! Who piloted the ship to that corner?! "Captain!"! Look at that. That ship is about to collide with orbit! The heads of countless starmen pressed against the transparent walls of the battleship,Iron Nail Making Machine, staring at the small ship. Mu Ling was caught off guard by the sudden change in the circular orbit. The staggered orbit was like an invisible net in front of her, and to make matters worse, at the speed of the ship she was driving now, it was too late to stop and escape. Every part of the body is tight, Mu Ling breathing tight up, a heart pounding, cold sweat straight out. Left? No way! It was the docking place of the warship,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and her small ship was not 1/4 the size of the bottom cabin of a warship. Right? No way! The track there had been erected, and she had no chance to rush through. Only the upper and lower parts, the numerous crossed circular tracks, the silver-white metal reflected the dazzling light, which made people's eyes ache. Mu Ling turned off the power system and pulled the anti-propulsion device, but the images in the cockpit kept popping up, and the red alarm kept ringing in her ears. Alarm! Obstacles ahead, 500 meters away! "450 meters away!" Mu Ling involuntarily closed his eyes and frowned. Damn! What to do?! "Use your mental power to sense that the mental control of Tianpin is not for decoration." When the power facility stopped completely and the surroundings were silent, Redrick's stern voice suddenly appeared in Mulling's mind. At that time in the past, he had stressed many times how she had forgotten. Remembering the days when he drifted independently in the universe, Mu Ling opened his eyes and turned on the power device again. Ah! Oh, God! The power of the spaceship has been turned on again! Many star people exclaimed. In addition to the warship's several chief captain a face of calm looking at Mu Ling's spaceship, the fundus unexpectedly coincidentally emerged a look of appreciation. Every material movement has a specific law, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,iron nail machine, and countless material movements are intertwined, and there is always a gap in the orbit. Mu Ling took a deep breath, listened to the alarm about the countdown of the orbital approach distance, relaxed his body, a pure mental force expanded, and the surroundGlen, who was that man on the test flight? "Lord Glen, if possible, I want the pilot to be transferred to our main ship." "Lord Glen." Glen waved his hand, shook his head and said with a smile, "There's no need to grab her. I've already decided her position. As a cadet who hasn't graduated yet, she has no qualifications to enter the combat command ship." Students who haven't graduated yet? According to the laws and regulations of the Star Alliance, it is indeed not qualified to be a command ship, first, because of lack of experience,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and second, because of the protection of future reserve forces. But how can the driver have such calm judgment and calculation ability when he has not graduated yet? Is this the so-called genius? Several captains looked at each other in shock and turned off the communication at the same time. At the same time, Mu Ling came in. 3shardware.com 

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