The Eternal Respect of Covering the Sky (Fantasy Novels) Private individual

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"The world of virtual gods is a spiritual space, where Tao and Dharma can evolve, but it is difficult to extend it to the outside world. This is the collision of spirit and matter.  The ancient mirror is shining, the God of this imperial vessel has been reviving, the mood is very excited, even though the person in front of him is not exactly the void emperor of the past year, but it still can not be itself. It is sending out a light sound, burst into brilliant light, there is excitement, but also sad, in the face of the Yellow Emperor, it shook violently. The Yellow Emperor gently stroked the mirror, and at this moment his whole person seemed to be in a trance, as if the void emperor of the past year had returned, silently conveying his feelings. A wave spread towards this place, containing the void road, which is the call of the master of the void God world, to make the void mirror return. Hum! The emperor's mirror trembled lightly, rarely ignoring the fluctuation, but wandering in front of the Yellow Emperor, as if to accompany him to fight, to face the eternal strong enemy. Go ahead The Yellow Emperor smiled at the corners of his mouth and said in a gentle voice, "This is no longer our time.". And he may become the strongest in the battle of immortals. You follow him and witness the end of many forbidden zones. Perhaps,cordierite c520, you can fulfill the wish of that person in the past. Suppress the Forbidden Zone and shelter all clans! This is the wish of the Emperor of the Void in the past, and he has been fighting for this wish. He is not the most powerful being among the emperors, but his heart and actions are absolutely worthy of the worship of the world! "Zheng!" The ancient mirror is clangorous, shining through the ages, with the last attachment, wandering around the Yellow Emperor, with reluctance and regret, and then erupting trillions of fairy light, breaking through the universe, crossing the eternal void, and going away. Eternal Red Dust.. Who was buried? A nine-fold coffin came from afar. The Yellow Emperor stepped into it and buried himself. In this way, he followed the track of creation in the universe, and no one could trace it. "Boom!" The whole world of virtual gods was shaking, and a blazing light group appeared, as if it were a big sun, emitting the most dazzling light, shining on this spiritual country, adding a kind of inexplicable mystery. The Dharma body of indomitable spirit moved, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Ceramic Bobbin, a big hand reached out, and held the sun at this moment. A world-shaking divine energy burst out, and every effort was made to urge the emperor who represented the highest attainments of the way of space in this world, so that the inherent way and Dharma could be deduced heartily, blending with the legal principles of the virtual divine world, and a new evolution took place.  Zhou Kong frowned slightly, "the realm of the original still needs to be improved, after all, the spirit of mind is not omnipotent, the realm is insufficient, relying on the power of mind to forcibly fill the way left here by the female emperor, to urge it to fight, the cost is too high." "Accumulated for a hundred years, you can only show off for a quarter of an hour!" His face was twitching. "One foot killed the old loach,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, that is, the accumulation of three years is gone, and my heart is bleeding now."

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