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Original title: Does the smartest "smart tape measure" really have the meaning of existence? Tape measure is a common tool. For skilled workers, it is a necessary tool. Brother Qi has one, but it does not have the intelligence we are talking about today. It is said that it is the smartest smart tape measure. There is nothing it can't measure. By the way, it is called Bagel. Perhaps some friends began to say that since theour height and waist circumference. In this string mode, do you see the shadow of the tailor's tape measure? The tape measure is so flexible, and it's perfect for measuring your bucket waist. Roller mode, as its name implies, is to measure the length by rolling on a wheel. When measuring irregular objects, it comes in handy. Just hold the Bagel and roll it over the object, and then you can get the data of the length rolled. The maximum measurement distance can reach 10 m. Although this measurement method is convenient, Qige is worried about its accuracy. If you encounter a smooth surface and suddenly slip while rolling, but you don't notice it, isn't it confusing? What the hell is remote mode? In fact, it is also very simple, using laser ranging, mini tape measure , by emitting laser to the target, receiving the laser beam reflected by the target by the photoelectric element, the timer measures the time from emission to receape measure is awesome, curved surface can be measured! And the biggest failure of this product is that it is no longer a tape measure, because when the screen is broken, it can not do anything, and the tape measure in the normal use of the process, bump is a common thing, you can not put a cover on it like a mobile phone. Things that have not changed for 100 years actually have their own reasons. This smart tape measure has been building castles in the air from beginning to end, forgetting the true nature of product design. More exciting, please pay attention to the WeChat/QQ public account "Chuangkeju". More exciting, please pay attention to the WeChat/QQ public account "Chuangkeju". Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. 

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