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"There's only one thing I've done lately." Zhao Yan slowly raised his head, "Shaofu adults hope to call the great Confucian scholars to Xu Du to discuss, let me go to find a few adults, ask them to repair books to gather famous Confucian scholars in their hometown." "Who have you been in contact with?" Chen Qun asked. Kong Rong has been clamoring about this for a long time, and the government and the public know it, but it's not a secret. Taishiling Wang Li, Zong Zheng Liu Ai, Wei Wei Zhou Zhong, and Qu Liang Chang Yang Jun and Zhongsan Dafu Fu Wan. Chen Qun carefully recalled these names. The first three are the old minister of Luoyang department, Yang Jun is Tso to recruit into the shogunate, they all represent the interests of their respective villages, Kong Rong to find them-but the last name, but let him feel surprised. Fu Wan is not an ordinary person. He is the father of the present queen Fu Shou. He was originally a general of Fuguo. Since the emperor returned to Xu Du, in order to avoid the sharp edge of Cao Cao and Dong Cheng, he took the initiative to return the seal ribbon and demoted himself to Zhongsan Dafu. He seldom associated with people and was a low-key and cautious person. Even during Dong Cheng's rebellion, Fu Wan did not come to the fore. How did he get involved? Chen Qun frowned. Zhao Yan smiled. Most of the people under Tso, in the way of Machiavellian know quite well, but not interested in the industry. He explained to his good friend, "The ancestor of Fu Wan is Fu Sheng, the founder of Jinwen Shangshu. Therefore, the Fu family has always been highly respected in Confucianism.". Shaofu asked him to come out this time in order to strengthen his momentum. Chen Qun said "Oh" to show that he knew. Kong Rong intended to take advantage of the prestige of the great clans in various places to boost the prestige of the Jinwen School. As YingChuan big surname, Chen Qun clear these hidden around the cremation of power, absolutely not to be taken lightly. Zhao Yan did not continue to say, in fact, Kong Rong called the end of Fu, Zheng Xuan these Jinwen school of celebrities, it is clear that it is difficult to Xun Yu the ancient school-Chen Qun and Xun Yu are Cao's wings, and with YingChuan origin, some things or not to say. But when it comes to Zheng Xuan, Zhao Yan thought of his first disciple Xun Yu, who had devoted himself to the yuan family. When he thought of Xun Yu, he immediately thought of Yang Jun's strange reaction when he heard the name. Zhao Yan himself did not think clearly about the joint, so he told Chen Qun about it. Chen Qun listened and was lost in thought. Yang Jun was recruited by Sikong Mansion and had been examined by Cao Gui in advance. If he had a problem, Chen Qun's position would become very embarrassing. Suddenly, a beadle rolled and crawled outside the house. He didn't even knock on the door. His face was full of horror. Chen Qun's face was stiff, and his thick fingers knocked impatiently on the table. "I'm talking. What's the matter?" The beadle knelt on the ground and said in a panic, "My Lord, news has just come that yuan Shao's men have robbed Dong Cheng." "How is that possible?"? Isn't Dong Cheng locked up in Xu Duwei's prison? Chen Qun looked shocked. The beadle replied, "It is said that Xu Duwei moved Dong Cheng to Ye County overnight. As soon as he left the city, he encountered an assassin from the yuan family." With a crash, the case was overturned. Chen Qunteng stood up, furious: "Guo Fengxiao, how dare you!" According to Xu Duwei, there were too many old ministers of Luoyang in Xu Du, face recognition identification , and Dong Cheng was detained here, which would change over time. Therefore, Man Chong told Ming Guo Jijiu and Xun Lingjun to send Dong Cheng out of the city overnight and escort him to Ye County for isolation, and then make a judgment when Cao Gong returned to Xu. Not long after the tumbril left Xu Du, it encou away? Dong Cheng is a loyal minister of the Han Dynasty, known all over the world. If Cao killed him, will be used to publicize, politically passive, might as well throw to Lombardi. At this critical juncture of the decisive battle with Hebei, every bit of advance and retreat may change the balance of power between the two sides, so we have to be cautious. Long article, that's all. In the side of Xun Yu light said. This kind of idea can only be sensed, not declared in the mouth. Chen Qun, however, refused to show weakness. He lowered his voice a little, but his tone was still stern: "Wen Ruo, have you ever thought that after Dong Cheng was welcomed into the camp by yuan Shao, yuan and Dong will join forces and call on the world to launch a punitive expedition against the tetrarch. The strong soldiers in Hebei will oppress him outside, and the old minister of Luoyang will be coquettish inside. How should Cao Gong deal with it?"

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