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That recipe has been put into use after the experiment, pure natural, good effect, but also with a faint fragrance of flowers, very popular with women, take the boutique line, once launched, in the circle of upper-class lang off the bus, Xie Wanbing reminded him of such a kind reward, "Mr. Qiu is now successful, or pay more attention to his own safety." Success is not, but block the way of others is true, a reminder, Qiu Ze immediately surprised out of a cold sweat. Although his company is in medicine, but there is no reputation in the industry, in order to maintain the operation of the company, will want to do some cosmetics development,large artificial blossom trees, it can be imagined that cutting the flesh of others is not annoying. yuan Xiujie was startled by his cousin's pale face, thinking of what Song Jiaxi had just said when she got out of the car, knowing that it involved some trade secrets, he did not dare to ask. Three days later, Qiu Zelai came to thank him. It was Bai Mingyu who opened the door. She looked at Qiu Ze, who was dressed like a social elite. "Who are you?" Jiaxi is still a student. She doesn't know people in society, does she? When he said this, he completely forgot that Xie Wan was not an ordinary student. Qiu Ze raised his smile and froze on his face! Why is this girl! Seeing that Bai Mingyu didn't think of him at all, Qiu Ze's face was even worse. He did not open his mouth,decorative palm trees, but also a strange expression, Bai Mingyu eyes of vigilance has become deeper and deeper, the palm of the gas. Just as Bai Mingyu was about to throw the man out, Xie Wan noticed something unusual at the door and came over, "Mr. Qiu?"? Mingyu, let Mr. Qiu come in. The vigilance in Bai Mingyu's eyes dispersed, but there was still no good airway. "Come in." Xie Wan turned her eyes around the two of them and noticed the strange atmosphere. What is Mr. Qiu doing here? Xie Wan poured him a cup of freshly brewed tea. Qiu Ze took a sip, his eyes showing obvious appreciation, he looked up at Bai Mingyu, obviously not sure whether to say. Bai Mingyu also did not know why, saw this person at first sight to feel disgusted, may be the gas field does not match, she also does not demand, but how this person always aims at her? She gave him a hard look. If he hadn't been a guest of Jiaxi, she would have been angry. It's all right, Mr. Qiu said, "Xie Wan doesn't think there's anything inconvenient to say, and she's going to smoke when she sees Bai Mingyu." Song reminded me to pay attention to safety a few days ago, and I want to know.. Qiu Ze pursed his lips, artificial plant wall panels ,Faux cherry blossom tree, Xie Wan could see the shadow of his eyes, these days in order to investigate these certainly did not rest well, "Song classmate is not know where the people?" The people in his mouth refer to the people in the martial world. The martial world is not little fox who wanted to do bad things. Even Qiu Ze, who was not pleasing to the eye at the beginning, had to admit that she was sitting beside Xie Wan, who had a calm demeanor that did not conform to her age, and her sense of existence could not be ignored, that is, what she said was not pleasant to hear. If you want to find someone from the martial arts world, you have to ask me for help. She was beside Xie Wan for more than a year, but it was clear that Xie Wan did not have the idea of developing in the martial arts world at all, and did not know much about the martial arts world,faux ficus tree, especially accepting outside employment. The martial arts world had its own process, and even if she knew, she was sure that Xie Wan would not expose it.

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