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The girl said of course. Richard was a little confused and tried to choose his words so as not to hurt the girl's self-esteem. "Can you learn magic?"? Oh,plastic pallet containers, I mean, will there be a conflict between learning magic at the same time and the combat skills inherited by your tribe, which will slow down the entry? Why do you want to learn magic? It is useless to learn such a complicated and troublesome thing! Oh, I'm sorry, Richard. I wasn't talking about you. The mountain and the sea stretched out their tongues to Richard apologetically, then looked at Richard's lips and showed a greedy expression. Richard immediately leaned back subconsciously,plastic bulk containers, and the girl realized that she had given herself away again, so she immediately sat upright, pulled up a little face, and said solemnly: "Magic is really useless to me. I can slap away all the magic below level five.". It's almost impossible for level six magic to lock me in. Besides, I'm still young now, and when I grow up, I'll have a higher level of magic immunity and evasion. Although already knew that the mountain and the sea's strength is very formidable, Richard actually did not expect unexpectedly to be able to be so formidable, looks like the Kalando big 6 tribal force by no means lower than Norland. But that was to be expected, and Richard was surprised by another thing. Mountain and sea, if you don't want to learn magic, why do you want to be a teacher's student? Shan and Hai played with a hanging pigtail with their fingers and said as a matter of course, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, "Because His Highness Helen Su is a legendary mage.". I just want to find a legend to be a teacher, and I'm not going to learn anything from her. Add her, then I have three legendary teachers, plus my mother and grandmother. The Great Elder said, "This is called'background ', and you Norlands attach great importance to this.". As for Deep Blue, it's worth spending a little money, even if you don't learn anything, you have a'background '. In your Norland's words, this is called.. It's called.. Steel rock! The hill of barbarian warriors trotted along, bent over, toiled to the girl's ear, and tried to lower their voices, saying, "It's called gilding." "Gilded?"? What a strange word. Why should it be plated with gold? Isn't gold everywhn his side on the bed of the Fragrant Concubine. One of his little feet was high on the armrest of the bed, while his left hand was stretched out across the bed. His fingers occasionally moved a few times, and the fruits in the gold basin flew up one by one, fell into the legendary Dharma Master's small mouth, and then disappeared completely. Her sleeping posture is unsightly, but her snow-white arms and legs are enough to make a strong visual impact,plastic pallet suppliers, making people completely ignore those actions that have nothing to do with elegance. Helen Su's eyes were half open, but her bright pupils were out of focus. Anyone who knows her well knows that this is a sign that she has not yet woken up. At this time, it is also the most dangerous time for legendary mages. 

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