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Lu Weimin's gloomy eyes are also mixed with a trace of anger, which makes Qin Baohua quite surprised, previously Lu Weimin and Ma Daohan also talked very happily, how such a short time, Lu Wei-min turned into this expression. On the car, Lu Weimin's expression has returned to normal, just waved his hand, motioned to go back, but did not speak. Qin Baohua also did not ask, she knew when should say, Lu Weimin can say naturally. The people on the Costa car were all smart people. Although they didn't notice Lu Weimin's expression at first, Lu Weimin didn't say a word after he got on the car. He just made a stiff gesture to show that he was driving. Everyone knew that he was in a bad mood. Twenty minutes later, Costa drove into the municipal party committee compound. Lu Weimin took a look at Qin Baohua. Qin Baohua also knew that Lu Weimin might have something to say to himself. He nodded and got out of the car. Hearing Lu Weimin say the situation, Qin Baohua's face is also a trace of anger, "Kunhu is too ugly to do so?" "An underhand move, but an open plan." Lu Weimin exhaled a foul breath and smiled,best green coffee bean extract, "I've been stuffy for so long, but now I'm a little proud of it. It shows that our Songzhou has made Kunhu some stage fright. Even the Songkun Expressway, which is obviously beneficial to the economic development of Kunhu, dare not take it, but we have to rack our brains to engage in Kunyi Expressway. We are afraid of the development of Songzhou to such an extent?" Qin Baohua ignored Lu Weimin's teasing and said to himself: "Songkun Expressway is an important link in the construction of Changzhou-Songzhou-Kunhu Golden Triangle Expressway. The province will not fail to see the significance of this expressway." Songzhou and Kunhu have to be angry. Now Kunhu is more interested in Kunyi Expressway, and there are good reasons. What can we say? Of course, Kunhu can also say that as long as the province agrees to start construction of the two roads at the same time,saw palmetto extract, they certainly welcome it, but does the province have this strength now? Qin Baohua also knows that the provincial expressway have been handed over to the provincial expressway construction and development company for construction and operation, which is mainly aimed at the Jiangnan Expressway, so she also understands the meaning of Lu Weimin's words. So what do we do now? Qin Baohua frowned, indeed Lu Weimin is right, this is an underhand move, but it is also an open plan, we see the importance of Kunyi Expressway, other projects are temporarily put aside, also associated with the Songkun Expressway to you on the side, what can you do? "No big deal, fenugreek saponins ,phycocyanin spirulina, or that sentence, only if you have the strength, people will respect you, the reason why Kunyi Expressway can be recognized by the provincial leaders is that Kunhu has just pulled a Chinalco project of over 10 billion yuan?"? Isn't it the discovery of a large rare earth mine in ame to Songzhou to announce the decision. The number of members of the Standing Committee of the Songzhou Municipal Party Committee has reached an unprecedented 12. Although it is still an even number, it is still short of one, but it also marks that the Songzhou Municipal Party Committee has officially crossed the threshold of 11 and tends to normalize. At the meeting of the Standing Committee,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Lu Weimin put forward the suggestion that Yu Bo should take up the long-vacant post of Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone, which was unanimously agreed by the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee. However, Lu Weimin did not say deeply about who would take over as the Secretary of the Luxi District Party Committee after Yu Bo was appointed as the Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone. He only said that the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee should conduct an investigation in accordance with the procedures and prepare suitable candidates. 

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