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Le Tong forced himself to calm down, his voice seemed to squeeze out of his throat, and his eyes were filled with fear. "Cough ~ cough ~ I ~ I am Le Tong, Xiao ~ Xiao Ba." "Le Tong?"   Zhao Zheng seemed to be aware of her doubts and said, "I broke the body of the arrow." After Le Tong left, he received a letter from the flying pigeon of Tianji Pavilion. The matter was very urgent. These things were originally accepted unintentionally, but today he happened not to be around. He had no choice but to make a trip in person. He calculated the time and flew back and forth to have dinner with Le Tong on time. Unexpectedly, he met with a surprise attack on the way back. There were about twenty men in black. In the fight, he unfortunately had an arrow from the enemy. The archer's skill was very good and the wound was very deep. If he pulled out the arrow by force,metal trim manufacturers, he would surely die of excessive blood loss. In order to save his life, he could only let the arrow remain as it was. Gradually, he began to lose his strength and used the smoke bomb on his body to get out of danger. After returning to the palace, he felt that he had missed the time and had no time to treat the wound. In order not to arouse the suspicion of Le Tong, he broke the arrow body, leaving only one arrow inside. He simply bandaged it and went to Le Tong. He hurried back after finishing his meal, but he fainted as soon as he entered the house. Le Tong looks serious, "there is black blood flowing out of the wound, the arrow is poisonous, the situation is not optimistic." She looked at Zhao Zheng, "since you were injured, why didn't you say it earlier?!" Later, his voice was a little choked. Zhao Zheng's forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his eyelids seemed to be getting heavier and heavier, but he was still fighting hard.   Le Tong helpless, aluminum tile trim ,tile trim factory, completely unreasonable, rather than talk to him here, it is better to treat her quickly, "now must take out the arrow." Zhao Zheng thought Le Tong was going to call the Imperial Physician, so he grabbed her, "No, I can't." Don't let anyone find out. The words have not finished, the person has fallen into a coma, but the hand is tightly grasping Le Tong's wrist.  Zhao Zheng suddenly felt that he could save his life, which was definitely a blessing accumulated in his previous life. After buffering, Le Tong lost his previous anger. "By the way, were you going to stand up and drink water just now?" Zhao Zheng nodded. You go back to bed and I'll pour it for you. As he spoke, he helped Zhao Zheng lie down strongly, then poured a glass of water and handed it to his mouth. Even if very thirsty,stainless steel tile edging, but some etiquette seems to be engraved in the bone, Zhao Zheng with Le Tong's hand slowly drank up the water. Le Tong said in a gentle voice, "do you still want it?" Zhao Zheng nodded. jecatrims.com

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