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This is true in the court not to mention in Jianghu The identity of the princess is only gain Dongling this because before the destruction of the stone Guanyin and good-looking things almost became the first beauty in Jianghu Later her white hair turned black and there was no doubt about it not to mention that she had threatened the Lord of the Flower Transfer Palace at the gate of Paper Chemicals the Li Garden to invite the moon Even Zhao Min specially sent a letter to the flying pigeon 'congratulations' which is very important to mention that the white-haired golden cage fat pigeon can also be the first beauty no one in the Central Plainsghed "Yes it's my man even if you win now your family has already" Ah! You dead pigeon I'll pinch you to death Cai Xiang who has always been high above the masses always has some bad scenes Such as prison such as fat pigeons Being in prison his clothes were made a little messy by the people who had pressed him before The fat pigeon was so fat that he didn't know how to get in In short it was a big mess which made people laugh Dong Ling's face was not very good because of Cai Jing's words before and he almost couldn't help laughing out loud Fat pigeon come back She said Cai Jing is now at the end of the road and there is no guarantee that he will not do something at this time Fat pigeon is just a pigeon no matter how but also quite fragile in case of being hurt by this crazy person then how to do The fat pigeon could not understand Dong Ling's painstaking efforts at all Instead he tossed about again and when he left he hooked a strand of Cai Jing's hair with his claws When it went in Cai Jing was in a mess but the situation was still good but now Clothes Pesticide Intermediates messy hair disheveled with the back of the prison really can not find a trace of the majesty of the prime minister Ruthless "You say so admit those people are your people namely" But above thre we can not ask one day there are two days two days can not then three days always" "You have no chance" Cai Jing suddenly said "Do you think I don't know that I won't be able to get out again and I won't live long" But it doesn't matter if I die and you don't want to feel better "I don't know when that man will come back" Or he won't show up at all and you'll never find him and you'll never get your revenge After saying this Cai Jing burst out laughing

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