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"You know early!" A Gang raised his eyebrows to look at him and hung his head again. Recently, he was always so lazy that he couldn't lift anything.  Knocking his head, a Gang suddenly remembered one thing, "Congratulations on the baseball game." Chaotic life, even such an important baseball game did not go, although Yamamoto won,industrial racking systems, but as a friend of their own is really too bad. It would be a shame for that baseball idiot if he couldn't win that simple game. "Ah, I won, but that's too much to say." Yamamoto raised his eyebrows, and there was a faint breath of confidence in the air, "but the next game a Gang must come." "Good!" A Gang nodded, the smile has not dissipated, but his face suddenly became serious, "there is the taste of blood in the wind." "Well!" Prison Temple nodded gently,drive in racking system, looking around at random, and then fixed a little in the southwest, although the distance is still far away, you can still smell the smell of gunpowder smoke in the air, "It's a fight between the Mafia." Prison Temple bit his lower lip, but his eyes were like a fire. "Such a master, I want to see it." Although Yamamoto did not speak, his hand held the baseball bat tightly behind him. A Gang sighed silently and walked to the southwest first, but he could not help feeling fatalistic in his heart. Although it was a vague future, he did not want to know at all. The more southwest you go, the more depressed the air is, the flustered crowd, the scattered flying stones, asrs warehouse ,wire mesh decking, and the high-spirited man standing on a high place, with silver-white hair drifting with the wind, which is unparalleled in the world. The man looks familiar. Yamamoto knocked on the baseball bat in his hand, and the light in his eyes beat more fiercely. Even if he just stood beside him, a Gang could feel the cold on Yamamoto's body, which belonged to the soldier's breath.   Spelby jumped up and flew high away from here. The roar of explosives continued. A Gang stood on the edge of the storm. His clothes rattled with great inertia, but he was not hurt. Whether you are Balian or not, move him and you die! The prison temple stood there lazily with a cigarette in his mouth, but there was no trace of a joke on his face, and his eyes were like black ink. That's it! Yamamoto went on. Knowing that I am Balian, things are getting more and more interesting. Spelby nodded his chin and looked at the prison temple with great interest. "But." He said, "If you dare to oppose me, you will die!" "Then let me try your sword!" With a sneer, Yamamoto raised his sword in his right hand and rushed straight at Spelby. The two men met in the air, shining like black lightning. Please don't. He's not something you can handle. With a low cough,warehousing storage solutions, the boy crawled out of the ruins covered with blood, looking at the figures in the air, his eyes almost full of despair. jracking.com

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