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"Hen Shi Mo Ji" looked at Zhou Jingjun's face and said in a low and powerful voice, "I'll ask for medicine for you!" Zhou Jing took a big step backwards in horror. "What did the elder say?" He asked in a chestnut voice. "I'll go to the peak and ask for medicine for you!" "This.." This Why "No reason, I'm happy." "No!"! The price must be paid by me! "It's better for me to go!" "Why on earth?" "I'm as ugly as a ghost. Why do I care about adding a disability?" "No!"! Never! Zhou Jing stared like a bell, looking at "hate the world demon", the other side actually want to fight into disability, on his behalf of the peak for medicine, this is something he never dreamed of. Why would she do that? Zhou Jing in the heart hit a hundred question marks, this is really an incredible thing, this strange and ugly female demon acts, it is unfathomable. You must go by yourself? "It's a matter of course!" "I forbid you to go?" "I'm not allowed to go. Why?" "I don't want to see you disabled!" Zhou Jing was astonished to the extreme: "What does the elder mean?" "Nothing, I'll go for you!" "This is impossible. The younger generation is disabled and feels at ease. How can we ask the older generation to accept it?" "I said I was happy to do so!" "But the younger generation will never agree!" "You can't go if I don't allow you to go!" Zhou Jing took three big steps back in astonishment. She thought to herself that she was sure that she could get the "elixir of death" without paying the price. Otherwise, she would not have insisted so much. As far as her skill was concerned, it was also very possible. At that moment, she was confused and said: "There must be a reason why the older generation insisted on climbing the peak on behalf of the younger generation." "I've already said I don't want to see you disabled!" "Nothing else?" "No!" "With the martial arts of the older generation, compared with the'head of the disabled courtyard '.." "I am vulnerable!" Zhou Jing could not help but gasp. In his opinion, the skill of "Hen Shi Mo Ji" was rare in Wulin. Since she could not withstand a single blow, the skill of the head of the disabled courtyard was beyond doubt. I can't help sighing that there is a day outside the big sky of Wulin, and there are people outside the people. However, he was both shocked and confused by the fact that "Hen Shi Mo Ji" insisted on paying the price of becoming disabled on his behalf in order to get the elixir. He couldn't for the life of him figure out what the other side was up to. Hate the world "kill like grass,316ti stainless steel, since called" hate the world ", of course, is only know oneself, do not know others, completely hate as a starting point, and now actually willing to become disabled, save an irrelevant person, is really incredible. At this moment A silhouette streaked down,uns c68700, and a one-legged old man appeared. Zhou Jing felt a slight shock in his heart. It seemed that his limbs were incomplete. He must be a character in the "Disabled People's Hospital". "Hen Shi Mo Ji," he said, "Your Excellency, please." When the one-legged old man first saw the face of the "evil girl who hates the world", his face changed slightly and he said, "You are the '?" Of the "evil girl who hates the world "Not bad!" "What's the matter?" "Ask the head of your hospital for a'death pill '!" The one-legged old man's eyes were shining. He swept away Zhou Jing and Li Chuntao under the tree and said, "There are rules for asking for alchemy." "Hen Shi Mo Ji" cold tunnel: "I know!" The one-legged old man hesitated for a moment and then said in a deep voice, "Is it your honor who asked for Dan?" "Not bad." Zhou Jing stepped forward and said, "Yes." As soon as the one-legged old man glanced at Zhou Jing, he turned to "Hen Shi Mo Ji" and said, "I'm sorry, I can only let this little brother climb the peak!" "Why?" "There are no female classmates in our courtyard!" "Hen Shi Mo Ji" is silent, she knows this is a fact, 347 stainless steel ,x52 line pipe, "disabled home" is all men without women, the rules are limited, she can not insist. Zhou Jing turned around and bowed to the "Hen Shi Mo Ji" and said, "Please take care of her for me!" "Hen Shi Mo Ji" sighed and nodded in silence. The one-legged old man waved his hand to Zhou Jing and said, "Little brother, after climbing tan. Two one-armed men took Zhou Jing to the center of the hall to face the wooden couch, and then stood on both sides. Zhou Jing gave a deep salute and said, "After learning in Wulin, I went to Zhou Jing to see the head of the courtyard." The "Three Disabled Venerable" flashed alone and closed again. Only this flash has made Zhou Jing shiver involuntarily. "Please tell me the purpose of your visit, little friend,x70 line pipe," said the "Three Disabled Venerable" in a loud voice. "The younger generation has a friend who is wounded and dying, and I have come to ask for a'pill to revive the dead '!" "There is a price to pay for Dan." "The younger generation has already heard it mentioned," said Zhou Jing with a sigh.

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