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"Ah, the religious leader's life is not generally moist!" Qianyuan laughed and joked, waving his hand indifferently, apparently laughing that he was the one who was moistened. As soon as the words came out, Mu Hanqing's body stiffened in an instant, but Ji Wuxiu did not find it. Aren't you also very handsome? Wandering around all over the world, there is no sign of you even if something big happens in the church. Ji Wuxiu retorted coldly, thinking that this Qianyuan was really too irresponsible. With that, he felt that the atmosphere was not quite right. Everyone was staring at him, and there was something on his face? The eyes are so strange! "Master.." Did your memory come back? Feng Wen Xue asked uncertainly. Ah Yes, otherwise how do you know Qianyuan? "Yeah, thanks to the scum of Yunshi!" That memory is a burden for him, although he knows a lot of things. The three people of the Hades were quite complicated. First, Ji Wuxiu recovered his memory, and some things did not have to be hidden from him so hard. Second, hearing him scold Yunshi scum, it showed that Yunshi was not important to Ji Wuxiu now. However, Mu Hanqing's side was hard to say. Mu Hanqing put down his hand holding Ji Wuxiu and stared straight at Ji Wuxiu, unable to tell what mood it was. Your surname is Ji, which is the surname of your mother, and your surname is Baili, right? Hearing his question, Ji Wuxiu trembled in his heart. The secret way was not good. According to the relevant memory, his "father" Baili Xuanji had a quarrel with the old palace master Mu Tianzang. Moreover,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, this quarrel may not be small. Then he and Mu Hanqing could also be said to have a grudge. Mu Hanqing is a wise man, Ji Wuxiu said no, obviously deceiving him, but he did not like to admit, because after admitting, they can not be the same as before. However, he didn't want to excuse himself from being despised by Mu Hanqing. Besides, Ji Wuxiu was also the leader of the Hades Sect. How could he lose his majesty? Didn't the palace master know all about it? Why did he ask us? Ji Wuxiu,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, his indifference is accompanied by memory, and his due momentum and attitude are also a little bit. The leader misunderstood, this palace is just to confirm, since you are the leader of the Hades, then this palace can ask where the old leader is, this palace still has some things to ask the old leader for advice! At this moment, Mu Hanqing's attitude is also 360 degrees of change, think of last night is still in the clouds and rain, today is so cold and alienated, can not help but feel some irony. Ji Wuxiu doesn't know where the Baili Xuan Sacrifice is now. After he took over the Hades, his father took his mother, Ji Nuo, to be a couple of immortals. Even half a year ago, Ji Wuxiu almost died and didn't ask them to come back to see it. My father and mother have long ignored Jianghu affairs. Now they may stay somewhere to visit the mountains and rivers. It's useless for the palace master to ask us. We don't know their whereabouts. "Since I don't know this, I'll ask the religious leader again. Before I go back to Lingxiao Palace, have any people from the Hades Sect sneaked into my palace?" Mu Hanqing looked at Ji Wuxiu coldly. He knew that Ji Wuxiu had just recovered his memory and it was useless to ask him, but he just wanted to blame him for it, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, as if it was a matter of course. And that thousand cup is really suspicious. What is the Lord saying? There are many people who have done bad things under the banner of the Hades these years. If everyone comes to ask us in person like the Lord, I'm afraid we can't hear the Lord now. Ji Wuxiu himself held the door frame, and the two of them were still standing inside the door, one on the left and one on the right, so they stood and talked for most of the day, but also a palace master, we said that Ji Wuxiu was really tired, and his body was still very painful! "Since the religious leader does not say, this palace will be clear, if it is really the underworld the reaction of Qian yuan, and he clearly knew something. Hearing Ji Wuxiu's words, everyone looked at Qianyuan. Yang Xiao and Su Yixuan are also a little curious, after all, he has never heard of this number of people, this person walks silently, leaving no trace, in addition to Ji Wuxiu's treading on water and flying clouds, no one may be able to do it, even Mu Hanqing's moving soul and changing shadow is difficult to do without trace. Don't look at me like this. I'll tell you. I haven't been to Lingxiao Palace,ultrasonic handheld welder, but I saved a man at the foot of Lingxiao Palace. Maybe you can't imagine that this man died five years ago. Qian yuan made a plain statement, even though he added some mood words, it was still plain.

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