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In the afternoon, Song Qing received a phone call saying that Song Ning had left the Institute, and she understood that at this time, Xunan needed her by her side. When she was free from work, she kept fiddling with her mobile phone, pressing the inexplicable number, thinking and giving up, and then continuing to work. Time goes by like this, Yi Zhengwei thoughtfully did not look for her because of the work, not to mention the listing work, the most important work has been completed,whirlpool hot tub spa, the rest, he managed to solve. After dinner, he came to Fuhua uneasily, met with his colleagues to hand over his work, and drove away after finishing his work. The small window on the twentieth floor was still lit. He looked carefully and saw a small figure standing by the window, motionless. He could not help thinking that when he first came to the Song family, sitting on the lawn swing, what he first saw was her figure standing quietly behind the curtain. He suddenly stepped on the refueling gear,outdoor spa manufacturers, and the car, with a roar of power and a brush, rushed out of the Fuhua boundary. He lowered the window, and the early autumn evening breeze beat against his cheek. Yes, he felt very excited, a kind of excitement in anticipation of the storm. The scene had been built and reached a very high level. In this storm, everyone has his own goal. However, there is a person, just passively to bear all this, innocent. But so what? Yi Zhengwei wiped his face. He just followed the trend. If he didn't seize the opportunity, he would be unwilling for a lifetime. The sound of the telephone on the desktop broke Song Qing's meditation. Hello "Xiao Qing, I'm in the hospital now." Although Xu Zhihan is full of fatigue, he looks very happy. Listening to the background voice, Song Qing knew that he was already in his father's room. Why don't you rest first? "I'm worried about the teacher's health, but it seems that I'm worried too much." He laughed, and behind him came his father's cheerful echo. She chuckled unconsciously. Wait for me and I'll come right away. She bent down to pick up the car keys, whirlpool hot tub ,China spa factory, but the man in the glass bottle stung her eyes. She closed her eyes, grabbed it, and ran downstairs. Speeding all the way, the beauty and nobility of Blue Wing were displayed on the road, which attracted the amazement of passers-by. And inside the window of her, under the rapid streamer, only reflected the dim face.  Xu Zhihan implied that they were discussing marriage in this way. Song Qing immediately laughed out loud, yes, indeed, why, is it like this? She should have hit him, but every time, he was considerate to reply, not to let her have the slightest embarrassment. Xiao Qing, this is not important. Like you, I hope the teacher will recover and rest assured. Her eyes were red, and she felt so sad for his delicacy and understanding that she could not help holding his hand again,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, hanging her head, and sliding down a line of tears in the yellow and dark night. Chapter 26 suffocating old love. Don't pretend. He has such a good relationship with you. Will you give him the project? The joint performance of this play is to squeeze Xu out of Weisheng, so that we will never turn over again! -Xu Kai.

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