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Du Yuqing could not stand, just to speak, suddenly a soft thing stuck to her lips, blocked the seam, let her swallow the rest of the words. Suddenly open eyes, Du Yuqing's brain short circuit, she pinched hard, pinched hard, want to see if they are dreaming. The tyrant kissed her! Pinch hard, how can not feel the pain, is a dream, must have just closed his eyes when he fell asleep. Du Yuxi took a breath, this wench, unexpectedly touched his waist, but also very hard. Looks clumsy reaction, but the little hands are restless ah, the waist was pinched by her slight pain, with crisp/itching, Du Yuxi lightly hum, half squint eyes, on Du Yuqing shocked eyes. Black and white, Aura overflowing, so close to see, is really a pair of impeccable intelligent eyes. Lips close to each other, four eyes facing each other,plastic cosmetic tubes, Du Yuqing in a few seconds, finally recovered, but she did not dare to move. Teachers teach them from an early age, the enemy does not move, I do not move, especially in the field survival training, encounter wild animals, must be calm. Soon, as a professional and rigorous scientist,plastic laminted tube, Du Yuqing found a strange phenomenon-Du Yuxi only stuck to her lips, this feeling is so strange. The chapter just now was sent in a hurry, and I didn't feel good. I revised it and sent it up again. In addition, Tong Tong recently went home to see his grandfather. He was too busy when he wrote the female assistant. He didn't go back to see his old man for several months. So these two days will be two to three watches. The time of surfing the Internet is not fixed. Comrades, please forgive me. Surrender He won't move? Du Yuqing couldn't help thinking of Du Xue. Her first kiss was lost in salty tears. The little Marquis of Zhong Ling Yuk Sau said sorry with tears and kissed her gently. Du Yuxi's eyes, which had been somewhat confused, suddenly became cold, and he saw Du Yuqing's distraction. At this time, her heart is thinking of others. Anger suddenly came to my heart, mixed with a trace of shame and murder. Du Yuxi, he never kisses a woman, nor does he allow a woman to touch his lips. Perhaps it's a quirk. He just hates the greasy feeling when his tongue meets his tongue. As long as he thinks about it, he will feel extremely dirty. Therefore, Du Yuxi will not move, nor can he move. This is his maximum limit taste the taste of her lips, only the lips touch each other. But, he pastes up, this wench seems to be thinking of other men! "Wheezing", empty cosmetic tubes ,eye cream packing tube, "Wheezing".. Du Yuqing was gradually breathing heavily, but she still insisted on the strategy of the enemy not moving, and tried to restrain her heavy breath. The warm and fragrant smas if it was a nervous drug poisoning. She did not even have the strength to shout, but she could not faint. She had to bear the pain of eating her heart. She doesn't want to choose either. Is there a third option? Du Yuxi grabbed her hair, sat on the edge of the bed, looked at Du Yuqing's pale face and painful expression,pump tube, stroked his lips, and seemed to see her reluctance. You have a third way, and that is to please the king. Du Yuqing did not even have the strength to nod and blinked painfully. emptycosmetictubes.com 

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