Down-the-hole Hammer: a Breakthrough Professional

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Focus on providing customers with the best foundation construction scheme in the fields of long spiral combined with down-the-hole hammer drilling construction, rock guide hole construction, pouring pile foundation construction,Tapered Rock Bit, etc. The long auger drill provides support and power, and the down-the-hole hammer breaks the stone into the rock. Through the air compressor, the stone powder is brought to the ground and then the hole is formed. Guangzhou Zhenyu has a professional technical team, and Guangzhou Zhenyu Foundation Engineering Equipment Research and Development Center has obtained dozens of patents, filling the gaps in rock construction technology at home and abroad. The production base is located in Huahai Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou,overburden drilling systems, Guangdong Province.  Pecially in the pebble layer, the boulder layer, The Luogang section of Guangzhou Metro is a famous problem in foundation construction, mining dth bit ,Borehole Drill Bits, which is famous for its large boulders, limestone, high hardness and slight weathering. Zhenyu, with many years of mature down-the-hole hammer rock technology, tions, wear evenly, and have long service life; 2. Compared with the single hammer with the same diameter, the drill bit is cheaper. [Good pore-forming quality] 1. Unique gas distribution design is conducive to keeping the borehole vertical. 2. Slag removal of slag barrel shall be thorough, and the hole bottom shall be clean. And 3, that hole can be for by drilling underwater. Cluster Dth hammer is favored by more and more foundation construction enterprises because of its low energy consumption, low cost,dth drill bits, high efficiency into the rock and good environmental protection. Guangdong Zhenyu Group Guangzhou Zhenning Foundation Engineering Equipment Research and Development Center Qingyuan Zhongke Zhenyu Machinery Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Zhenyu Mechanical Hydraulic Equipment Factory Hainan Zhongke Hongyu Industrial Co., Ltd. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. 

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