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Along the way, I was thirsty by the sea breeze, and there was not much water in the water bag, and it was gone after pouring. This water is useless. Son of a bitch, "the third uncle was so anxious that he was sweating. He turned to untie the chain and saw that the water bag on his waist was still a little bulging. Seeing that he was still in a daze, he was so angry that he cursed," What are you waiting for? Give me the water bag! " "水 ? Oh! Water bag! Only then did Xie Lianhuan react and quickly untie the water bag. The third uncle grabbed it and opened it. He poured half of it in. He saw the black smoke flash. Instead of pressing the smoke down, a flame jumped out of the coffin hole. Third uncle a look is not right, how is this movement, a smell that water bag, can not help cursing, inside is actually soju. Looking at the coffin again, the mouth of the iron coffin was burning, and the smoke almost filled the whole tomb. At that time, he was confused and did not know what to do. The fire was so big in the iron coffin that it was impossible to reach in and put out the fire. Besides, it might not even kill you. With water, a small amount of water would not work at all. However, if you left it alone, the coffin would be finished. This kind of burning method, even the jade can be burned and cracked, the owner of the tomb knows at a glance that it is not bad, if things are burned, the coffin really has a luminous pearl or something, he can not be depressed to death? In fact, it was enough to plug the hole of the coffin with something, but in a hurry, the third uncle didn't think of it at all. Watching the fire grow bigger and bigger, and black smoke puffing out of the coffin hole, he was burning with anxiety to reconcile. In the third uncle heart despair, the heart said that the oil bucket into Jiao Dou,interactive panels for education, suddenly one side of the solution chain made a stunning move. As soon as he jumped onto the coffin, he half knelt down, untied his waistband, took the chance to urinate, and poured a bubble of yellow soup into the hole of the coffin. For a moment, the urine was mixed with the smell of the corpse, which was extremely unpleasant. It was a completely crazy idea, because his action was so unexpected that the third uncle had no time to stop it, and by the time he reacted, it was too late. The third uncle was confused. Since ancient times,interactive whiteboard for schools, although the Southern School was bold and uninhibited, it had the arbitrariness of opening the coffin freely, but based on the danger of this activity, the Southern School was also very careful in the actual practice. I'm afraid Xie Lianhuan is the first one to do such an evil thing as urinating into the coffin. Thanks to the absence of the old man, he would have died of anger. However, the solution of the chain of this bubble of old urine, or a little power, soon, the smoke inside a small down. After urinating, Xie Lianhuan himself was confused and sat down on the coffin. The third uncle's tears came down. He looked at the cast man on the iron coffin and wiped the cold sweat from his head. He felt a chill in his back and a sense of foreboding in his heart. In the "whistle coffin", the ghost blew the whistle, which was a terrible thing. Now it was burned and a mouthful of yellow urine was poured into it. This time, the Liang Zi knot was big. Not to say rice dumplings, is a living person, you burn his mouth with fire and then pour his mouth urine, he has to fight with you. He looked at the iron coffin in a cold sweat and wondered what would happen. Would anything come out of the hole? The smoke was getting smaller and smaller, and gradually it was almost invisible. It seemed that the fire had indeed gone out. Both men looked at the coffin until there was no smoke at all. However, there was no movement in the coffin, as if it had never happened before. The third uncle wiped the sweat from his head and breathed a sigh of relief. He said in his heart that the Yellow King would bless him. It seemed that it was good to solve the chain of life. Although the coffin was a whistle coffin, it was also a dead coffin. Dead coffin, that is, smartboard for business ,smart board for conference room, the rice dumplings inside the coffin have long melted, leaving only some non-threatening rotten bones, most of the coffins in the tomb are dead coffins, otherwise, I'm afraid no one will do grave robbery. Dead coffin is not dane faster his heart beat, and then the more numb his fingers were. On the surface, there was no expression on his face. In fact,smart board touch screen, when his hand finally touched the corpse, his back was soaked through, and his fingers trembled without any strength.

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