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Original Title: Continuation of Classics | 50-90MM Small Aperture Top Hammer Drilling Rig Attacks Efficiently! Kong Shan added another fierce the needs of users with flexibility, convenience, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection! It is the hard core of rock drilling in narrow environment and rugged working conditions such as subway,mining dth bit, foundation pit and tunnel. What is the difference between a top-hammer drill and a down-the-hole drill? 01 The impact mechanism of the down-the-hole drill is at the bottom of the hole, and the impact power is directly applied to the tail of the drill bit, so it is called down-the-hole drill. The percussive mechanism of the top-hammer drill is at the bottom of the hole,Mining Drilling Equipment, and the percussive power acts on the top of the drill rod, so it is called top-hammer drill. 02 The down-the-hole drill uses a high air pressure air compressor and is equipped with a down-the-hole drill bit at the drill bit position, which is suitable for hard rock above 200 MPa. The top-hammer type drilling machine uses the medium and low wind air compressor; the rock drill on the top of the drilling frame is used for operation. It is more suitable for rock operation with hardness below 200 MPa. 03 The hole diameter of the down-the-hole drill is more than 105mm, which is larger than that of the top-hammer drill, and the hole depth is 10-45m, dth drilling hre efficient production Main technical parameters of KS680 KS680 Hardcore strength KS680 core components inherit the consistent high-end quality of Kongshan, and also strengthen the design of structural parts,dhd drill bit, which is efficient and flexible, and perfectly unified with your needs! In order to give you a better understanding, we have specially produced the image film of KS680. Let's enjoy its excellent work performance together! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. 

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