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The beauty's body rose slowly until the whole body surfaced. This beautiful woman's skin is very white, slim, can be called first-class,Time Delay Tap, but below the waist is a long fish tail, this is the three layers of the Temple of Ten Thousand Demons cannibalism countless mermaids, fish tail monster. Frost saw the eyes of the cold night staring at the chest of the fishtail monster, instantly turned the body of the cold night, said: "Don't look." "She's a monster, not a human being," said the cold night. "Why are you jealous?" But Frost said, "That's no good either. Anyway, you can't look." "This is the third floor you want to come to,Prison toilet for sale, so don't go back!" Said the cold night. Those monsters on the second floor are all disgusting, and they don't give good things. Why go back? Why don't we go to the fourth floor? Frost said coquettishly. But it's all water. I can't swim. Besides, there's your rival in the water. How can you get there? Said the cold night and shook his head. Frost heard the cold night can not swim, to the interest, said: "Pig, you can not swim?"? Landlubber! I'll teach you to go to the swimming pool another day. "Good!" Leng Ye answered quickly, and he could not help but fantasize about the scene of a beautiful woman wearing a three-point swimsuit. The two of them were talking happily here, but they didn't notice that the fishtail monster had attacked them. A huge column of water hit them, and their blood volume dropped sharply. They quickly took the blood tonic. Husband, call Shendiao quickly! Cher hastened to remind the cold night. The cold night called out the golden-winged ROC, stepped up, flew over the lake, and came to the entrance of the fourth floor of the Temple of Ten Thousand Demons. As soon as he entered the fourth floor, Frost cried out, "Ghost!" Then he lay down in the arms of the cold night. Leng Ye looked at the scene in front of him and remembered the couplet at the entrance. The first three layers were demons, demons and monsters, so the fourth layer should be a fierce ghost. In front of the monster is relatively single, stainless steel squatting pan ,Time Delay Faucet, here there are two kinds: no head and no body ghost, both have a horrible shape, which is the reason why frost is afraid. Frost, you're so scared. Let's go back! The cold night felt sorry for the frost and said to her. Frost is still hiding in the arms of the cold night, but the mouth said: "Who said I was afraid, I just do not adapt to these monsters, after a while." "If you're not afraid, open your eyes." Said the cold night. When the frost slowly opened her eyes, she saw a face with big eyes and a long tongue, and she almost fainted, but soon she realized that it was the cold night playing tricks on her, and they were fighting in front of the ghost. After a while, the frost was not so afraid of the ghost, and even pointed to the headless ghost and slittle girl's mouth pout so high. The 56-level golden-winged ROC, even though it has the ability of a super mythical beast, is not so easy to kill. Leng Ye, who has always been lazy, has a strong desire to kill since he was reborn. He was mercilessly immersed in the slaughter of fierce ghosts. Everywhere he went, corpses flew everywhere, and the road he said he had traveled became a blood road. After seven days and seven nights of slaughter, the cold night finally killed all the ghosts on the fourth floor. At the moment when the last ghost fell to the ground,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, a beautiful one appeared in front of the cold night, dressed up in a charming and colorful way. This is the BOSS on the fourth floor of the Temple of Ten Thousand Demons, Luocha Nu. 

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