Splendid Heroes (Part 5) Fighting for the Front in the Angry Sea + Fanwai by: Drunken Rain Private individual

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Qi Yin just felt strange at first, but when he saw the poisonous warning sign on the envelope that had not been torn clean, he immediately changed his face and stood up like an arrow: "Sir!" Peng Yanrong was even more determined. He decisively stretched out his left hand and slapped it on the table. A loaded gun was pointed at Qi Yin's chest: "I won't force you to sit down, but you should stay away from me." There is a blank in Qi Yin's consciousness and vision. Boys do not live up to expectations, you are very thoughtful, should be beaten and scolded, just give me some face. There are many important events in the family, and it is bound to be chaotic. No matter what else, it is enough for the old and the young not to be bullied. Peng Yanrong put a gun in his left hand and poisoned his right hand. Finally, he did not forget to flick the envelope. Then he picked up a spoon and stirred: "This has nothing to do with you.". You have no idea. You're always in charge of the blue folder. Black secret is destroyed. No need to ask. Finally, he winked with a sense of humor. "I love this, but you have to cook it yourself." Jiang Yang's way of doing things is very low-key, just like the way he has been used to over the years. The plane crash made the situation suddenly change, Jiang Yang knew that the first evidence to the capital time is crucial, not only can not give Peng Yanrong time to fight back, but also to make themselves look like proof rather than revenge. According to the collection, collation, and secret investigation conducted by the Comprehensive Intelligence Department, Peng Yanrong began to have a close relationship with the Nass military as early as two years ago. He not only bought the light portable weapons of the other side privately,plastic laminated tube, but also exchanged prisoners of war with the Nass Defense Department on his own initiative. These pictures and related evidence piled up to frighten a roomful of military cadres, and the Jiang family quietly threw out several times as much information for their son to prove the innocence and tightness of the Flying Leopard Regiment itself. At the same time, General Yang Tingyuan, as commander-in-chief of the army, put forward an internal investigation request to Peng Yanrong, commander of the Fourth Group Army. Despite all kinds of difficulties and obstructions, at least the judicial organs had the authority to intervene in the form,custom cosmetic packing, took over the information provided by Jiang Yang in an all-round way, and blocked the Fourth Army in the station for 24-hour supervision and investigation. Jiang Yang used all kinds of media in the capital, and strictly set the time and place for the disclosure of all kinds of evidence, so that the public had enough time to contact the events before and after. Beginning with the investigation report on the facts of the airliner, every time the evening paper made a headline, the Fourth Army was further mired in the quagmire. Jiang Yang and Su Chaoyu's acting and low-key and "inaction" approach won them time. The opponent was far from expecting that the Jiang family could produce so much evidence. After the mysterious voice gave up Peng Yanrong, Jiang Yang's materials also arrived in the capital. The eyes of Jiang's group army serving the Fourth Army managed to inform Peng Yanrong under pressure. There were only four words in the tip-off: a sharp turn for the worse. 58 (press conference) There is no doubt that this refers to the situation facing the Fourth Army. Although there is no conclusive evidence, the cold winter has come. The winter training at Jiang's base was going on, and there were many fewer officers and men coming and going. Jiang Yang sat in his office holding his big cup and looked out of the window: It hasn't snowed for a long time this winter, but the weather is so cloudy that people are upset. Chaoyu, my Chaoyu, I'm thinking of you. May you be safe. Thousands of miles away, Su Chaoyu wrapped himself in an overcoat and tightened his checkered scarf around his neck. The accompanying migratory birds walked out of the takeout shop and handed over a cup of hot coffee and two pieces of garlic bread. Su Chaoyu ate as he walked, cosmetic tube packaging ,pump tube, smiling at this miss: Jiang Yang, my Jiang Yang, if you are thinking about me, then rest assured. The servants of the Peng family were all crowded at the door of the kitchen, and when the orderly panicked to make a phone call, he found that the line was already blocked. Qi Yin pressed Peng Yanrong to death on the carpet and exhausted all his strength. Just now, he unexpectedlys secret recipe." Qi Yin smiled faintly, "I just grabbed a handful of snow." Peng Yanrong said sadly, "Really?" "Yes." The capital of Naas, near the sea, is warm as spring all year round, with only occasional storms. In the afternoon of the next day, the weather Bureau hoisted the No.6 typhoon signal and the orange rainstorm warning early. There were few pedestrians on the streets, and the doors of every household were closed. Zhuang Yi on the way to the press conference, the rain misted the windows,polyfoil tube, the cold was pressing, she could not help but ask the driver to turn on the warm air conditioning. Lu Lin held her in his arms, her fingers cold. emptycosmetictubes.com 

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