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 Even if we will quarrel, misunderstand, be let down,wire nail making machine, be deceived, do not forget this moment, even if we have no choice but to separate, but such a beautiful young years will be kept forever, because it is worth it, the bitterness and sweetness brought to us by these years is too rare. Ye Yuner is not interested in these astronomy and geography, because of Yan Yue and Gao Feng, everyone gathered in front with professional equipment to watch and take pictures. She leaned lazily on Jiang Yulei's shoulder and looked up at the waning moon. Ye Yuner looked at it and was absent-minded. Looking around,Coil Nail Making Machine, it was Jiang Yulei who had just set up a temporary tent with several men. She poked Jiang Yulei and asked, "Shall we sleep here tonight?" "Not used to it?" Jiang Yulei asked. She got up to have a look, returned to him and simply complained, "It's so hard and cold. I want to sleep in a big soft bed." This is actually her complaint, there is no other meaning, make do with a night, she can still. Let's go Jiang Yulei took the bag and helped her up. Ah? Where are you going? She asked. Jiang Yulei did not answer him, but found the peak, do not know what to say, she saw the peak smiled and nodded, looking back at her. Everyone was watching the eclipse attentively, not noticing the departure of the two of them, so dark around, Ye Yuner stepped on a soft foot from time to time. Feeling that there was something slippery flashing past her feet, Ye Yuner jumped up in fright and said around Jiang Yulei's neck, "There's a snake!" Jiang Yulei is still calm in the face of change: "It should be." As soon as he asserted this, Ye Yuner was so frightened that he dared not stand on his feet and obediently let Jiang Yulei carry her on his back. She took a flashlight to explore the way for him, Nail production machine ,Nail machine supplier, and forgot to ask him where they were going. Ye Yuner is really too trusting to rely on Jiang Yulei, and he just together, do not have to ask the purpose. He is like the male number one in the American action blockbuster, always protecting the heroine. Li Meng's grandfather has a small house on the hill. It's not far from here. We'll be there in a minute. We'll stay there tonight. He said. Ye Yuner exclaimed, this Li Meng has occupied a lot of geomantic treasures in his hometown! There are mansions everywhere. Sure enough, there is not much way to arrive, here is dense mountains and forests, feet are uneven, very easy to lose direction, that is, Jiang Yulei, can be so calm and calm to identify the direction, Ye Yuner thought, most of his life in the army is soslow, she squinted her eyes and slipped her mobile phone almost dropped. She sat up with a start and saw the tall man standing there, looking at her in his spare time. You Ye Yuner patted the water everywhere, so that he could not see his own body under the clear water. He was not ashamed to take off his body. As soon as his long legs stepped into the water, his long arms embraced him, and he held him in his arms. Ye Yuner did not dare to move in his arms, only felt hard behind him, and his buttocks were pestled by his bigger and bigger things. Although at home, two people also tried 0 in the huge bathtub, but here, everywhere to see the sky, heaven and earth for the quilt, night matchmaking, no shelter, she does not want wild (~) war! It took Ye Yuner a long time to go up slowly. She blushed and said, "I'm ready. Stay by yourself." Covering his chest, he just fished out his clothes and was pressed down by him. "Don't go." Jiang Yulei hugged and pressed her from behind, raised her buttocks, held the wet,Automatic nail machine, soft and tender place for a while, and slowly straightened his waist to enter. She was so full that she could not bear such relief for a moment, and she cried in a low voice. Is it comfortable? Jiang Yulei didn't have much patience. He stabilized the array pin HUN wet ~ soft 0 tight ~ and began to move. 

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