Jingchu Struggle-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise Professional

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Huan Du's eyes were full of power, and the divine light in his eyes, even King Fu, who was known as the first master of Wu and Yue, was frightened by him for a while, not to mention this woman. As soon as she touched Huan Du's eyes, her whole body shook, and she was quickly defturally generates an induction to resist the invasion of Huan Du's True Qi into the body. Huan Du's hands shook and almost bounced off. He hurriedly urged the internal force. True Qi broke through the woman's defense and quickly closed the big holes all over her body one by one. The woman's beautiful face showed a look of horror, the whole body could not move, life and death in the hands of Huan Du,tin beneficiation plant, at a loss how to be seen through their own body with martial arts. On the other hand, Huan Du's brilliance was beyond her expectation. Huan Du suddenly withdrew part of her internal force, and she found that she could speak and move again. "What's your name?" Huan asked with a slight smile. The woman raised her head with a haughty look in her eyes and said, "General Sun is so brilliant. If you want to kill him or cut him up, it's up to you." Huan Du withdrew his hands, turned his back and walked slowly into the hall. "It's true that I haven't gone deep into the world," he said with a smile. The way of torture is broad and profound. No matter how tough a person is,Portable gold trommel, he will become a shameless wretch when he enters the torture chamber. Does the girl want to try the process of all kinds of changes in this respect? The wind behind him suddenly moved, and Huan Du's body flew out like lightningpassage guarded by guards and came to a closed gate. "The weapons made here are the most secret," he said. "All the time, except General Wu and me, no other generals knew anything about them." Seeing that the King of Wu had an unhappy look on his face,Portable gold trommel, Huan Du hurriedly said, "Now that the development has been successful, I specially asked Your Majesty to come and watch." The King of Wu was relieved. ore-magnetic-mining.com  walked into a 

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