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"That's not necessarily true, but the descendants of Tian Suan Ge have another interpretation." An old ancestor who had attended the feast shook his head and said, "Perhaps he is not necessarily the great savior of the immortal world.". You know, this sentence was passed down from the first ancestor of Qiongbi, and the interpretation of the descendants of Tiansuan Pavilion can also be regarded as authoritative. "Everything is hard to say. It's too early to make a decision." There are also people who hold conservative views. After they left, Li Qiye continued on his way. On the way, he took one look at the three-eyed prodigy and Emperor Lingxinzhen and said with a smile, "When will I drink your wedding feast?" "No, no, nothing like that." The three-eyed prodigy's old face was burning, and he immediately denied it, for fear of embarrassing Emperor Lingxin. Lingxin Zhendi also blushed, but she had a lot of faces. She didn't say anything, just smiled. As soon as the words of the three-eyed prodigy fell, the big black bull hit the three-eyed prodigy on the head with a heavy hoof. All of a sudden, he hit the three-sighted prodigy with a full head of Venus. He was dizzy and almost fainted. The three-eyed prodigy's head suddenly grew a very big bag, which can imagine how ruthless the big black bull was. Why did you hit me? "The three-eyed prodigy jumped up and was knocked unconscious by a hoof from the big black bull." Fool- "big black ox scolds, hate iron does not become steel, say:" You are really stupid incorrigible! How many people in the world have the honor to be married by the Great Sage? Now is the best chance in your life. With the Great Sage escorting you, your marriage will be smooth and your life will be advancing.. When you look back in a few years, you will know that it will be the greatest blessing and honor in your life to have a great saint to marry you! Looking at the world, not to mention the three immortals,inflatable castle with slide, the whole heaven and earth, the boundless world, I am afraid that no one can have this opportunity to get the supreme treatment of the great sage to go to the wedding party and preside over the wedding! The big black bull showed no mercy and severely scolded the three-eyed prodigy. This, this, this, this, me, that.. The three-eyed prodigy was so dizzy from being scolded by the big black bull that he couldn't react for a while. From time to time, he secretly glanced at Lingxin Zhendi,Inflatable meltdown, who looked a little shy, but did not say anything. Fool, you are such a fool, and you claim to have the best talent in the world. The big black bull looked at him disdainfully and said, "I think you are a zero egg in the world." "Well, don't embarrass them." Li Qiye smiled and shook his head gently. After all, the three-eyed prodigy is still young and thin-skinned, unlike the old oil stick like Big Black Bull, who does things without face and skin. Lovers will eventually get married. Li Qiye looked at the three-eyed child prodigy and Emperor Lingxin and said with a faint smile, "You are also the union of heaven and earth. The road is far and difficult, so you should cherish it." "I, I, I will." The three-eyed prodigy was very embarrassed and secretly glanced at Lingxin Zhendi, who also glanced at him at the same time, and then the two of them quickly dodged their eyes. Both of them are invincible people who are famous on one side. The three-eyed prodigy is a half-step long life, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable floating water park, and the Lingxin Zhendi is the seven-palace Zhendi. No matter which orthodoxy or era they are placed in, they are all deterring all sides and above ten thousand people. However, their expressions at this time are like a pair of young men and women in their first love, which is very interesting. This let next to the holy frost true emperor saw all can't help smiling, three eyes prodigy also read in the north courtyard, in the north courtyard reading days, three eyes prodigy is how arrogant, how arrogant, is simply ninbig black bull pulled the three-eyed prodigy aside, glared at him, and said: "Boy, ten days, you hurry up." "Hold on to what-" three-eyed prodigy can not help but confused. Stupid- "The big black bull hit the three-eyed prodigy on the top of his head with a hoof. All of a sudden, the three-eyed prodigy hit Venus all over his head. He said," Hurry up and get the girl. You are a fool! " "Ten days, this, this, this is not good." The three-eyed prodigy could not help but secretly take a glance at Lingxin Zhendi. Not good. What's not good? Don't you like it? I see that you follow her every day and are eager to marry her home immediately. The big black bull looked at him disdainfully. But,inflatable floating water park, but, but, but she is also the fiancee of the Golden God of War. The three-eyed prodigy struggled for a moment and said helplessly. joyshineinflatables.com

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